Saturday, April 24, 2010


I have never been to a 3-Day Event. All I knew about it was from what I've seen on TV, usually during the Olympics. It's grueling, it beautiful and it's dangerous. It's the equine version of a triathalon. First day is dressage which demonstrates the level of training a horse has; second day is the x-country test - certainly a test in endurance; and the final day is stadium jumping.

I've been through the first two days so far. I'm totally blown away by the athleticism and power from the horse and rider teams. Absolutely incredible to see in person.

I know horse racing and I admire those athletes but something about this sport and seeing how the horse and riders negotiate the obstacles, put in full runs and go after it without self doubt... wow.

Here are some of my pics so far:


This is Amy Tryon on her very spiffy horse Coal Creek...



I love that Coal Creek and many other of the equine athletes are thoroughbreds. They are fantastic for this sport. And I like that many former racers can perform as great eventing horses.

Here is a lovely Thoroughbred named Gin and Juice with rider Hawley Bennett-Awad on board



At any rate, I'm partial to the Thoroughbreds, especially the Off Track Thoroughbred, Courageous Comet who is performing extremely well here! After the first two days he's in 3rd place.

I have many photos and I've only put up a few so far on Flickr. I'll be putting up more so be sure to check back.

As for tomorrow - my agenda is to wake up at "o'dark thirty" meet up with another very cool photographer and blogger that many of you may know, then head over to Louisville and Churchill Downs so we can catch the morning works of many Kentucky Derby contenders then head back to Lexington and Rolex for the stadium jumping portion. I know of three people (Me, Matt and Sarah) who will be VERY tired tomorrow night... But how fun will that be?!


  1. You are so lucky to be there. Your pictures are beautiful and I just love the looks on the riders faces as they go through the cross country course.