Monday, December 3, 2012

Holiday Spirit and Other Fun Projects

 I've been having a good time lately with my work.  Holidays are coming up and some of my clients want to share in the spirit.  Here's the beautiful St. Bernard, Nana (think Peter Pan) who will be competing in the Eukanuba Dog Show this week!

Then we had my cancer surviving friend Carrie (she's inspiring) with the love of her life, Melvin.  He's the cutest boxer!

And I'm all about black labs!  Fetch obsessive, crazy faced black labs.  Amos has taught me all I know about their crazy habits.

And sometimes I'm hired to take photos for lasting memories before tough decisions have to be made.  In this case, this beautiful horse had a neurological problem that could not be found nor resolved.  He would collapse without warning.  The vets couldn't find the source of the problem and these are some of the top equine vets in the world.  This young lady had to make a tough decision because he was a danger to himself (he could break a leg when he collapsed) as well as to others.   It's tough to do these photography sessions but it's also very meaningful and important to the owner.

This family of pugs had the elderly stateman of their group going into his last days.  He's the one laying down.  The other 6 were also documented on a very blustery day - thanks Sandy...

Of course I still photograph the cuties at the Lexington Humane Society...

And then there are certain events that we document every year since I've met Matt...  This is the Blessing of the Hounds at Shaker Village here in Kentucky.

Finally,  I have fun with the four foals I've been following since their births back in April.  They are now weaned and getting so big.  I decided to put together a video showing their growth over the past 6 months.  This young girl has the most personality of them all...

Toby and Ollie are doing well.  I have more time to get back in the saddle now and anticipate writing about our adventures soon!  :)