Tuesday, March 3, 2015


February was a little tough on us keeping on track with our riding. Mother Nature really stuck it to us as with most of the United States.

Our show was cancelled because of the conditions which really bummed me out. I can't do the next show because I have to work that weekend. We will try and perhaps have Emily show Canoodler so he can get show experience.

In the meantime, we are keeping on. We've had real nice rides and working to the right seems to be improving a lot! Having said that, one day I got him out to ride and noticed that he was off on his front right. There was a big weather change and I think it affected him in a bad way making him sore and tight in his neck/shoulder area and coming out as being "off" on the front right.  Like people, he has good days and bad ones.

We've also had Dr. Lark out to adjust him which he loves. He's amazing after a treatment! The massage work and laser therapy by Michele Haman is also helping him. I'm just keeping with the program. It seems to be working.

So here are a few photos of us from today:

And just to see, I wanted to do a comparison of his build.

Here is Noodle on the day he arrived at the farm in mid October, 2014

and here is his in November, really before I put him into full time professional training with Emily Brollier:

And here he is today:

According to Dr. Lark Carroll, the worst of his problems are in the base of his neck and to quote Michele Haman "He was like a turtle with his head in his shell". He kept his neck compressed in and hollowed his back. You can see in his current photo that his neck does look more relaxed and longer! And his back is beginning to come up with his new added strength.  Validation that he's improving!