Friday, January 16, 2015

Emily Brollier, Training and Shows! Oh My!

Canoodler and I are getting into gear. Winter is a slow time of year for our business so this is the best time of year for me to work on my riding.

Emily Brollier, a dressage trainer, comes to the farm 3 days a week and rides a variety of horses there. She is the bomb! You can learn about Emily out at her website:  Canoodler and I have weaseled our way into her schedule and we're loving it! Emily understands us. At one time she used to work at the track as an exercise rider so she has a lot of experience with thoroughbred race horses. Bonus for us!

This was us after our first lesson with Emily...

Canoodler is pretty green but he's smart. We are working on him getting on the bit, carrying himself in a good round frame, and building up his muscles so he can do it longer and better!

I have so many little goals I want to meet this year. One of which is to get to a show. Both Canoodler and myself are greenies in this department. The immediate plan is to hit the Snowbird Show at the Kentucky Horse Park at the end of February. We'll go in the Intro classes because we both need the introduction to dressage showing.  I'll reevaluate after that show and see what we need to do from that point.

In the meantime, I had another great ride on Canoodler with help from Emily today. I video taped from my iphone how Canoodler is coming along with Emily in the saddle. He just started to do work at the canter with her.

Can you tell? I'm very excited about this horse!