Thursday, April 15, 2010

Bubble Baths

I'm back in Michigan and wishing I was in Kentucky...

The grass is just starting to green, my tulips haven't bloomed yet and I have two hairy beasts that need attention. The past couple of days I've gone out and worked on cleaning them up. Today I went out and gave them the year's first bath after I worked them.

Toby was great under saddle. He's doing so well, it's just hard to believe he's 20. Also, he's a pleasant ride. Perfect for me when I haven't ridden in a little while. I didn't work him too hard, he gave me a good effort, then he went under the hose and soap suds.

He's shedding out in a funny way this year. But then we're having a funny spring of hot, then cold, then hot, then cold again. So his coat shows that. He has a summer coat that wants to pop through but many stragglers of the winter coat won't let go. Here's a picture of him after his bath (with his girlfriend).


He's clean. What you're seeing are dapples in his summer coat trying to pop out! Parts of him even look brindle (light brown under his black winter hair). I can't wait till those straggling long winter hairs fall off to show off his pretty dappled summer coat. His flank is already in summer coat mode. He's so healthy!

Then there's my yellow tinged gray horse...

I worked him before his bath. And guess what... I used a treeless saddle and he loved it! Me, not so much. I'm a short legged person and I found that I had a very difficult time getting my lower leg to make contact with my horse. I felt like I was doing the splits. What was kinda cool was that I could feel his spine so well with my seat. Sometimes, when we were in a disagreement in his spinal direction it wasn't so good. Kinda like he was giving me a wedgy.

Regardless of how I felt about the saddle, Ollie LOVED it. He was responsive, stretchy, relaxed once he realized the saddle wasn't going to hurt him. He was lovely! So now I know that a well fitted saddle for him will make a big difference. Saddle fitting is scheduled for the 21st!!

After his brief and very good work, I gave him a bubble bath. He came out so clean and white! He almost matched the fence ;)


I normally do NOT like "butt shots" but....


Just look at that pretty clean flowing tail! There's still some yellowness to the tail but it's SO MUCH better than it was. And for the record, take another look at the photo, look at where he is heading. About 1/3 of his paddock is swampy. Toby's in the same paddock. They both went straight over to that area when I turned them back out.

I guess boys will be boys...


  1. Izzy LOVES her treeless saddle (and she's very, very picky). If you're interested, there are a lot of options available that look conventional and are totally show-worthy...

    Then again, you actually have access to a saddle fitter. I do not. Good luck!

  2. I have seen the nice looking treeless dressage saddles. I'm keeping an open mind at this point because he liked it so much. But I can safely say that the treeless saddle I'm being allowed to use right now is REALLY UGLY!

    I'll see how saddle fitting goes next week.