Wednesday, April 28, 2010

More Babies...

I'm shooting myself for forgetting to buy a 22" girth for Ollie while I was at Rolex. There were so many little shops selling tack and most had sales going on Sunday... sigh. I also think Ollie deserves a nice blingy black bridle to go with his new Albion SLK saddle. Therefore I've been googling tack stores in the Lexington area. Surely there is a good english tack store in this town! Do any of you have any tips for me? I'm planning on checking out Wise Choice Trailer and Tack.

In the meantime, Matt was heading over to Shadwell to take some pictures for Shiek Hamdan. I decided to tag along instead of checking out Wise Choice Trailer and Tack. Matt was busy taking pictures of a 9 day old foal. At 9 days old their legs haven't even straightened out yet. So while he was trying to get just the right pose, I poked around and checked out the surrounding paddocks.

I came across this cute little guy...



Doesn't he have the CUTEST FACE EVER?! He reminds me of the dog Petey on The Little Rascals. The gal who works with the broodmares and foals said she had never seen eyes like that before - with the white circle around them. She said he's going to be a gray when he grows up. I bet he'll look just like his mom.


Then I walked down the most beautiful path to the other paddocks

It's just breathtakingly beautiful there! I passed some workers and they pointed out a paddock and told me there was a very cute foal from one of their champions, Mehthaaf, who was the 1994 Champion 3 yr old filly in the UK. So off I went to meet them.


They both have a ton of "chrome" and so cute.


Her baby is by one of my most favorite of all race horses, Invasor. I got to meet Invasor last Halloween. Seems to me, Invasor is enjoying his lifestyle off the track... :)

I was having a good time meeting some great race mares and their babies today.

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  1. And I think Matt was enjoying looking at his sweetie! Love: the best facelift ever. :-)