Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Our April Lesson

It's been a while since we've had a lesson. Toby and I last had a lesson almost a month ago! We had an equally good lesson this time around as well! He's becoming so nicely balanced and his build shows it. We got to canter again and Toby seems to enjoy it. Especially when I help him out by holding him together. LOL! The two of us are getting better and better and our level of confidence is way up. I'm so happy about it.

Ollie had a lesson as well. We had to use the treeless saddle but at least we could use something! He started out a little bit energetic and not at all relaxed...

He tested the waters...

again and again...

And then he started to relax


and then he started to stretch - low and long!

and what a nice ride he was having!


I was so pleased! They were lovely as they marched around the ring.


It took him a little while before he relaxed but Betsy was patient and the end result was wonderful.

And to think that he was almost euthanized because someone didn't want to take the time to let an injury heal. I'm speculating but I believe this was the culprit. Look at the inside quarter of his front right hoof. The scar goes through the coronary band and up to the top of the heel bulb.

I'm just happy to have him. And his hooves are the strongest I've ever been around! Go figure.

Tomorrow is a big day for me and the boys. We are going to hit the road and go to Betsy's barn. The Albion saddle fitter is going to be there for us. She'll be working with another of Betsy's clients and then she'll get to work with my boys and me. I'm hopeful Toby will go. He has some trailer issues but I think that with his friend Ollie (and they are very good friends) and with Betsy's trailer which is made for warmbloods, that he should be cool with things. I'm excited about it and seeing the process. Of course I'll blog about it.

More to come!


  1. Cannot WAIT to hear about the boys' road trip AND the saddle fitting. My saddle fitting appointment has been put off a few more months because of pesky things like income tax payments and a set of new tires for my truck (blowout last Saturday night on the freeway also did some body damage). Talk about a dent in the savings. ;o)

    At any rate, glad someone intervened with Ollie and he got the chance to heal. It is so scary how a simple thing like running (in a race or just "breezing along") can "go south" and horses that just need tincture of time don't GET that.

    Lucky boys, yours.

  2. So pretty... I just can't get over Ollie. I'm glad he has such an awesome home with you.