Saturday, March 21, 2009

More "25 Things About Me" And Then Some

Jag's 25 things seemed to give everyone some insight into his personality but it was only 25 things and there was so much more. So I decided to share with you another 25 things but I couldn't keep it to only 25. So the following is his "More 25 Things" and then some:

1. You liked to nuzzle my hair and neck while I buckled your blanket;

2. You had a loud jealous whinny every time you saw me at Toby’s stall;

3. You had a loud impatient whinny when you heard me enter the barn. (I’m going to really miss that);

4. You’d give me all your feet easily for picking EXCEPT your front right. I’d be asking for the right and you were giving me the left. You’re such a comedian;

5. You always got the most out of your rolls;

The Joy of Rolling

6. You tried to bite the cross ties when I used the firm brush on you;

7. You tried to bite the cross ties when I tightened your girth no matter how slowly I did it;

8. You loved to go into Starlets empty stall after our lesson to clean up her leftover grain and crib on the wall hung feeder while I paid Betsy;

9. You threatened to bite me during the chiropractic sessions but you were all show;

10. You loved it when I used the curry on the underside of your neck and you’d raise your head up, tilt it and make funny faces with your lips when I hit a good spot;

11. You liked to be scratched on the crest of your neck just under your mane;

12. After scratching your mane you would shake your neck and head to mess your mane up;

the head neck shake

13. Whenever I was about to ride you, "IT" came out and got hard – VERY EMBARRASSING!

14. You were very flexible – like gumby!

bet he can't do this

15. You could communicate your likes and dislikes the easiest of any horse I’ve been around;

16. You would wrap your head and neck around me and check out my pockets for treats before you would let me put on your halter;

17. You perfected your impersonation of Hannibal Lector;

Hannibal Lector

18. You had the softest nose I’ve ever touched on a horse.

19. You had strong opinions

20. You had a really thick mane and tail

21. You could crib through any anti cribbing device;

i can still crib

22. Your mane would never stay on just one side;

23. You enjoyed baths and drinking out of the hose while holding the end with your teeth;

24. You were a “hot house flower” and hated to go out on cold days;

will the snow end

25. You liked most any flavor and kind of treat but especially the soft peppermints;

26. I could never completely get rid of that skin crud on your back legs;

27. You had a 3 inch long jagged scar down just above your sock on your back left leg from something during your racing days. No hair would ever grow there. But the crud would!

28. Your neck always cracked and popped when we did your stretching exercises. Both directions;

29. You learned to enjoy a good tail pull;

30. You always stood quietly for the farrier, and vets but not the chiropractor (see previous 25 Things) but you enjoyed the chiropractic treatments the most;

31. You had a girl friend who sadly moved out of town;

Jag and Lili

32. You were always a great listener with one ear on me at all times;

my ears on you

33. You had the most rhythmic, smoothest, well balanced canter I’ve ever experienced;

34. You were the youngest member of my 4-legged family (Toby in a couple weeks will be 20, Pita the cat is 13, Palmer the golden is 12);

35. You told me every time I saw you that I was special.

And then for one great glimpse into his personality I recommend you watch this video I made about one of our riding lessons. At the time I thought I was being really cheesey showing everyone our "pre shot routine" (to borrow a golf term) as we prepared for the lesson but now I watch it over and over again. My favorite part is the close up of him eating the carrot which I snuck him. It makes me want to reach out and touch that ultra soft nose one more time...


  1. Wonderful memories Wendy. Cherish them all.

    #10 - what is it about the underside of the neck? My dog LOVED having his neck scratched and brushed. When I hit a good spot he'd shake his back leg.

  2. Your boy absolutely was (is!) Personality Plus!

  3. Pelle does "#10" exactly like Jag!

    Bosse does "#13" too!!....

    Mango does "#7" too...

    DD has some of the "#27" spots too...

    I bet you can think of another 50 or so "25 things"... in time :) I'll be looking forward to reading more!
    Great PICTURES - especially the rolling and Hanibal Lector shots!!!

  4. #35 is my fave...but I loved reading them all!!
    What a beautiful boy !!!
    Thank you for sharing your special moments ..we love him too!!

  5. Wendy, you are amazing, that was great!! I loved that video, I have it saved in my "favorites" on you tube!! I can definitely see the Hannibal Lector impersonation! :>)

  6. Precious material here.

    Words are heart-breaking

  7. Three Video Tributes for Jaguar Hope. May he rest in Peace. He is with his Grand Sire Alydar today. Happy Birthday Alydar 3-23-1975

    Jaguar Hope - A Tribute

    Two Hearts - A True Love Story

    Honor Him - Jaguar Hope