Friday, March 27, 2009

Travel Fears

Last night I packed for a business trip and started to worry. It's always been a fear of mine that I would be gone when one of my 4-leggeds had an emergency. My work has me travelling often across the U.S. and now that my kids are all senior citizens I worry about them even more. Right now I'm particularly sensitive. I just can't take much more heartbreak.

So I conducted a family meeting, told my 12 year old Golden Retriever, Palmer, to behave, eat when he should (he tends to be a nervous eater when I'm away but could stand to lose some weight) and to be otherwise a good boy for my neighbors who adore him.

i have such a sad face

Then I talked to Pita, my 13 year old pastel calico. She's usually clingy when I return from a trip. She and Palmer are secretly friends but they don't want that publicized. She has rarely been a problem unless her routine is upended then she'll yowl until she drives you crazy:

really i'm a calico

Both told me they would be on their best behavior but will miss me. I think they sense my grief so they've been particularly good lately.

Then, and yes you can call me crazy, I drove out to the barn to talk to soon-to-be 20 year old Toby. I gave him strict instructions to stop rough housing, eat all his grain and hay and to otherwise be on his best behavior. I've always worried about him and his antics. He really enjoys rough housing with his paddock buddies - sigh...

toby and beamorethe antagonistwatcha doingtoby

He has a lot of personality.

Toby looked at me took the couple carrots I offered and otherwise was wondering what was my problem. He gave me that "I'm fine! Quit worrying! and while you're at it will you be a scratching post" look.

We will be fine.


  1. Beautifully written again, Wendy. Thank you for taking us along with you for a bit on this rocky road.

  2. Could have written that myself, Wendy. Just hate to be away, always fearing the worst, which almost never happens. Your Pita reminds me of a dilute calico who owned friends of mine in CA. They called her Porsche because her purr sounded like a well-tuned Porsche. She lived until she was 20. Almost 21 in fact. Your kids will be fine. Toby will be your rock. Palmer and Pita will be there to do all the wonderful things the little four-legged kids do for their moms for a long time. You know, purr like a Porsche, kiss you with raspy or wet sloppy kisses, cuddle, look at you adoringly as though you are a goddess,and treasure every moment they have with you. Give your heart a little time to heal before you anticipate it having to break again

  3. With three horses, nine (three of them new lambs) little Shetland sheep, a dog, a cat, and eight chickens, I would be perfectly happy to never leave home. Alas, my husband occasionally wants to get away, or have me go with him to a conference, or we need to visit family (ALL of whom live out of state). I understand, and empathize.

  4. Now you know why I never leave home... :) I have to "import" my cousin, Jojo, from Sweden to be able to COMFORTABLY be away from my "kids"...
    Your kids are so beautiful!! :) Kat

  5. I do the same thing! I fret and worry. It was only this fall I found a boarding facility (in a home) for my dogs. It helps knowing they're in good hands, but doesn't lessen the worry, especially now that my special girl (dog) is getting up there in age.