Sunday, March 22, 2009

Thank You Everyone


  1. Ahhhhh loving Jag was the easy part...
    We'll miss him forever ....
    We'll especially miss the magic that he brought each time we saw him...he always made our hears beat a little faster and took our breath away!!
    Was he really here or was he a dream ...a mirage??
    Lucky girl you got to live the dream if only briefly!!
    THANK YOU for sharing your handsome boy your black beauty with all of US ...we love you!!!

  2. That was just lovely Miss Wendy. And thank YOU for allowing us to love Jag and share in your journey with him. We'll never forget him.

  3. That was beautiful Wendy. Thank you for including us in your days with Jag. It was a great ride.

  4. Beautiful Wendy, a fitting tribute for a lovely boy.
    I want to always remember him with that tail flagging high, and the sun on his gleaming back, playing in the snow.

    Dora J Crow
    Montgomery, Alabama

  5. Wendy, that was SO beautiful - you always are so creative & heartfelt with your videos and photos.

    I duplicate Linda's comments, Thank You for allowing us to love Jag along with you. God Bless beautiful Jag, he was a very special boy!

  6. Thank you dear ...that was see him in the snow....just amazing...such joy...lovehugs,praying for you,linda a

  7. Wendy - thank you so much for sharing your LOVE of your Jag with all of us !!!!!!!!! How splendid to watch his joy - playing and rolling in the snow ........... and know that you were there to share your joy and his joy ! Yours is indeed a "love story" ......... that I am grateful you had the chance to live .... a dream fulfilled and cut short. Hugs to you ......
    Equine Heaven is, indeed, a more beautiful place.


  8. it brought tears to my eyes...


  9. Thank you, Wendy, for your gift of Jag to all of us.

  10. I can only imagine the meeting between Jag and his grandsire, Alydar. I can just hear Alydar.." told you to watch those legs, Boy!" said in a way only a wise old grand sire could say, and then the two would race off, tails high, galloping across Heaven, bodies gleaming in the Heavenly sunlight. What a great day that must have been

  11. Could there be any worse timing? Just this morning I noticed a new follower on my blog - Isobelle the goat. On her list of followed blogs I saw an intriguing blog name, "From Racehorse to Showhorse." I got excited when I clicked on her link to your blog and saw that you and your horse are doing dressage; my horse and I just competing in our first dressage show of the season yesterday, after long months of rehab after suspensory issues. So I eagerly scrolled down to see the first entry - and got a sinking feeling. Scrolled down some more and confirmed it. Now I'm snapping at my son to leave me alone while I cry over some stranger having to put her beautiful horse down . . . I am so very sorry. I have loved and lost horses of my own, and have been around too many times as my horse vet husband has had to put down others. There is no good loss....