Monday, March 9, 2009

Letter to Jag

Dear Jag,

I've been trying really hard to communicate with you about our turns to the right. Sometimes we seem to do it right. In fact, tonight we seemed to be communicating a little better. Not great but better. So I thought if I showed you this picture that you'd understand the concept of bending a little bit better. Just reverse this illustration for our turns to the right...

Just so you know, I'm doing all of the above but you won't follow my queues! C'mon big guy! Work with me!
Tomorrow, Miss Betsy will be there to help us out. Hey, is she our relationship counsellor??
Love ya,
Miss Wendy


  1. An excellent diagram Miss Wendy! Now I understand!

  2. I LOVE your letter to Jag!! If only he could read... But perhaps showing him the bending picture will make him UNDERSTAND - LOL :) Kat