Wednesday, February 25, 2009

25 Things

There is a facebook message making the rounds called “25 Things About Me.” I, personally, have refused to fill one out because I think these things are too time consuming. But I checked with Jag about this and here is what he wanted to post as his “25 Things About Me”

1) My birthday is on April 15th, tax day;

2) I have a wart on my left thigh (don’t worry its harmless). I prefer to think of it as a “beauty mark”;

3) Miss Wendy says I have a high pitched “girlie” squeal when I’m trying to be a tough guy. She’s mistaken. Just check out the first 15 seconds of this video to see!

4) I can’t get enough of the endorphin rush from cribbing;

I'm addicted
I'm addicted

5) I have black dots in the middle of my white socks right at the base of my fetlocks (ankles). I’m told this is a sign of good luck;

6) I love treats – any kind, any flavor but peppermint most of all;

7) I still have my wolf teeth;

8) I have cowlicks on either side of my neck at the crest;

9) I like to spin my poop all over the stall but will pee in only one spot;

10) I don’t like the horse in the mirror. He makes me very angry and I yell at him (in my manly voice);

Damn The Scentless Bastard

11) I like Miss Wendy very much – for some reason she becomes embarrassed when I show my affection;

12) I’m able to remove my winter blanket without undoing a single buckle. And then I pee on it for good measure;

13) I grunt like I’m a weightlifter when I’m working hard - I love a good workout;

14) I like to chew the bit when I’m concentrating on my work;

15) I won a $14,000 claiming race my 2nd time ever racing which was at Arlington Park;

16) I was a late bloomer - I didn’t start racing until June of my 3 yr old season;

17) In 2002 I won a $4,000 claiming race and 9 days later I won a $10,000 Allowance race, the only Allowance race I ever won;

18) I won at least one time every year I raced;

19) The other geldings in the barn annoy me;

20) The barn cats annoy me;

21) The barn dogs annoy me;

22) The mares in season squealing at me annoy me;

23) I sent the chiropractor across the aisle like a ragdoll one time - he annoyed me (I heard he had to get adjusted himself after that! Ha! Got him!);

24) I’ve parted ways with Miss Wendy only a few times – once in knee deep snow and she had to walk ½ mile to get back;

25) Best of all, I like to holler “HI DEE HO” to Miss Wendy as soon as I see her – she makes my life fun!


  1. Great post!

    My birthday is April 14th, maybe Jag and I need to ride into town for a beer together!

    I love that mirror photo. That is a dominant stance. Go get em Jag!


    Keith - TripleDeadHeat

  2. You very good mommy.