Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Lots of News

I have news! Good and not so good and then some good and more good!

First is the not so good... right when I was about to leave for my business trip to the U.S. Women's Open Championship, Ollie comes down with "something." I'm not 100% sure what but it was definitely something. He kinda went off his feed, his back left leg had a cut and was stocked up. So the day before I left I got him antibiotics and "Surpass" to help with his sore leg. Surpass is a topical lotion that acts like bute. It's not cheap but it's a relief since his overly sensitive stomach can't handle much of anything out of the ordinary. I had a friend at the barn take care of Ollie for me and when I came back home he was on his feed again and actually put some weight back on! I was thrilled! His leg was much better and he's moving around well but it was still slightly stocked up. We'll get there...

Good News! The new saddle has arrived!! Ollie was fitted for it today. Well, fine tune fitting since he was actually fitted a few months ago. I haven't ridden Ollie in a long time because my other saddle hurt him. When we tacked him up, he was clearly anxious but then he relaxed when he realized the saddle didn't hurt him. Finally we can get him back to work!!

More Good News! Toby and Ollie will be moving to my friend Heather's place. She has her 3 horses in training with Betsy and it will be much easier for me to get Ollie into more rigorous training. Betsy will be able to work him even when I'm not in town. Heather has a nice airy barn:

and a nice outdoor arena:

and the coolest indoor arena ever!

I'm very excited about the move. We will move there in early August.

And speaking of Heather and her horses, they had a fantastic horse show at Horse Shows By The Bay!!

Lily, in her very first horse show, came home with a 6th place in USEF First Level Test 1 O,AA,J/Y last Thursday, then a 4th place in the same division the next day and another 4th on Saturday! Her highest score was a 64.333%!! I'm so proud of Lily!


Thunder and Julia did very well too! He had scores in the low 60's which is great because he can be a real pistol to ride.


And then Betsy had a great show too! On Thursday, she got a 4th in FEI Intermediaire I O,AA,J/Y GAIG/USDF Qualify class on her horse Tanner (Cantana). On Friday, they got another 4th in FEI Intermediaire I Freestyle Open GAIG/USDF and the best was yet to come on Saturday... They WON the FEI Freestyle Test of Choice Open GAIG/USDF with a (are you sitting?) score of 74.75%!!!!!!!!!! I'm SO PROUD OF THEM!!


Another one of Betsy's rider won big on Saturday as well! Marva and her horse Elvis won USEF Second Level Test 4 AA,J/Y GAIG/USDF. Marva and The King rocked!

medium trot

So much good news for my good friends!


  1. Hope Ollie continues to feel better... Great news about the saddle arriving - hope it works well for you guys.

    Sounds like your move in August will be good for you - the outdoor arena is really nice (well, the whole place looks nice...). Yeah for your friend doing so well at the show! Lily is a beautiful horse!

  2. Looks like you'll be moving to a beautiful barn!

    Kerrin Koetsier
    Parelli Central