Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Postcard Perfect

Yesterday was an absolutely gorgeous day. I took the day off from work using one of my comp days from working 3 weekends in a row and had my camera in my hand. Betsy was coming out to give me a lesson later in the afternoon and I hadn't seen my riding friends in a while who also take lessons with Betsy so I went out to watch their lessons.

What a day!


It was actually rather cool for a late June afternoon with the highs only in the low 60's but it was perfect for riding! No bugs, beautiful warm sunshine and the biggest horse show of the year coming up next week. My friends will be competing at Horse Shows By The Bay so they were going over their tests and they looked great! I'm so bummed that I cannot be there even just to watch. But my spirit will be there for them.

Betsy will be riding Heather's horse, Lily in Level 1 Test 1. Lily is a saddlebred/Quarter horse cross and she's doing very well. Everyone loves her and her unflappable attitude.


She's really come a long way with Betsy and I hope they will do well.



Her breeding isn't at all for dressage but what I love best about dressage is that most any breed can do it! It's done wonders to help Lily with her balance and movement.

The other competitor next week will be Thunder and Julia. Thunder is an interesting Cremello who is a morgan/quarter horse cross. Julia has worked with Betsy and has ridden him in all his training. In fact, I don't think anyone else has ever ridden him!


Julia's done a wonderful job with him and let's just say he's not easy...




The next guy to be worked by Betsy is Bolder. He's absolutely gorgeous but he has many quirks and because of his quirkiness, he's not cut out for the showing world. Lots of looks just not a lot of brains all the time. I just drool over him as does his owner and sometimes just having a gorgeous looking horse with a goofy personality is all you need. BTW - Bolder (now a gelding) is the sire of Thunder.


and today my photography was all about the gorgeous sky...


It was a postcard perfect day...

Then I had a lesson with Toby. I told Betsy how much fun I've been having with him and she was duly impressed! Especially with his canter and then his trot afterwards. He can move beautifully! Stretchy, springy, round. We laughed that he was ready for a show - he's light years better than he was last year. I wish I could get a video up for you guys but we didn't have it and I have yet to be able to photograph myself while riding... :) Let's just say that my lesson with Toby was the perfect ending to a perfect day.


  1. Gorgeous pictures -- lovely horses, talented riders and yes, beautiful sky ;o) Wish I could get "comp days" but part-timers don't get much in the way of perks like that. We just get the days off that we don't work ;oD

    It's such fun when things start to "come together."

    Any news on the new saddle??

  2. Gorgeous pictures of gorgeous horses! The riders look good too! Your friends will be happy to have the wonderful pictures you took... You just need someone to take your picture sometime!

  3. Thanks guys!

    TBDancer - new saddle comes in tomorrow but because I'm leaving again on Saturday for work, I won't get it from my fitter until mid July (when I return).

    Laura - I'll soon have Matt to take pictures of me! :)

  4. Gorgeous horses and what a STUNNING blue sky! Thanks for the visual treat, Wendy.