Saturday, June 12, 2010

Thinking About My Boys

I'm leaving today to head for the US Open which will consist of many long and stressful days. It'll be fun and BEAUTIFUL too (Pebble Beach isn't too shabby) but I will be spending my days doing course set-up in the early mornings and then hanging in the media center blogging the Rules of Golf. A big difference from riding my big lugs.

I've had a ton of delays getting out to California today which gives me more than ample time to contemplate where I am with my guys. Let's start with Toby.

I am having the time of my life riding him lately. He's forward, strong, a total team player - ok, most of the time he is...



It's a total charge to ride this!


Toby has his moments. Like he will just stop and refuse to go when I lead him out to the riding ring.

We have to have a good discussion first before he'll decide he wants to take part of the fun.

Then there's Ollie. We are light years away from where I am with Toby but he's fun in his own green way.

He's so cute and enthusiastic about anything


But he hates to make his jaw soft...


Eventually we get going and we communicate much better - it's just always a slow start...

and I just love riding him!


I'm hoping that he'll soon start to like it as much as I do. He's just not there yet


I tried riding Ollie bareback. We had two problems. 1) He told me my butt bone hurt his back bone, and 2) I told him his backbone was hurting my butt bone.

In all seriousness, he has a slightly tender spot on his back from my saddle. I just couldn't help myself and tried to pad him up a ton to make it work. It just doesn't. My new saddle has been postponed in its delivery because they had a leather that came in with a flaw. So by the time I get back from the US Open, I SHOULD be getting my new saddle that following week - just before I leave for the US Women's Open. Go figure. Oh well. His back will have plenty of time to rest and heal. He will have no excuses then...


  1. Wendy, your boys are both looking gorgeous! Toby is absolutely glowing with good health & Ollie/Hola looks like he's really coming along nicely -- and he is quite the expressive guy!

  2. I had a ride like yours on Ollie in the picture yesterday. Longest ride so far (in my "return to riding" journey). Not sure if it was the horse trailer that appeared suddenly (the trees blocked our view of the trailer area until, "instantly" there was a vehicle about a quarter of a mile away) or if my guy has a soreness issue, but he was not happy about going forward into contact UNTIL we were out of the riding area and on our way home, when he was very obedient. Sure wish these guys could talk--though I'm not sure we'd always be happy with what they'd say ;oD Have fun at Pebble Beach! Going to "The Lodge"??