Saturday, July 17, 2010

Health Update and Lessons

My guys are quickly getting better. Toby's knee is making big improvements. Nothing like a little betadine wash to get things going in the right direction. He's not favoring it at all and it seems to be a very superficial wound that has a slight infection. It's draining, the swelling is going down and Toby is acting perfectly fine and sassy.

Ollie's tummy is now receiving Gastroguard and breaking this owners bank... but I had to do it. I've noticed an immediate change to his demeanor in the first 24 hours. He just seems more relaxed and comfortable. No more of the "I gotta move" type actions. He's acting like a normal horse. He's even put on a bunch of weight since I got home a week ago. I think he's the heaviest I've ever seen him! Which isn't too heavy at all.

So we had our lessons on Tuesday. Ollie didn't perform quite the way I had hoped. After some discussion with Betsy and my vet, we believe his back is a little out of whack and making him uncomfortable. My vet said that is very common with horses who have digestive issues. When I get back from my next business trip, I'll be sure to have the chiropractor out. But here he is for all of you to see, in action with Betsy on board:

He's so darn cute. I'm still hopeful we will conquer and I will finally get the key to keeping him healthy and comfortable.


Then there was me and Toby...


I swear I see "sassiness" in his eyes. But I think he's a BLAST to ride. He keeps me on my toes, makes me work and he adores me all at the same time.


And since I made one video, I had to do another. For those music aficionados, you'll notice the husband and wife team I picked for each video (Elvis Costello-Diana Krall). :)

You can tell we haven't been working too hard lately but I sure had fun...

Now I'm off again to the left coast to work the U.S. Senior Open. I'll be happy when this stretch of business trips is done!


  1. Just recently started reading your blog. I am enjoying it. Could you please wear a helmet so that you don't have an accident like Courtney King-Dye? If an accident can happen to someone as good a rider and experienced as Courtney, then it can happen to anyone.

    Keep up the hard work, and I look forward to you riding in a video with a helmet on. Cheers :-)

  2. Beautiful, Wendy. It's always a pleasure to see you and your critters. We put Doctor Decherd on pure Aloe Vera Juice and got that same result as GastroGuard! He was MUCH less irritable as soon as we started it. He used to be quite restless in the stall, but much calmer after. He's still on it, $7.99 at Wal-Mart for the large jug. Lasts about a month. We'll prolly keep giving it to him.

  3. Barbara - interesting! I have changed Ollie's feed to a no sugar, low starch feed called Kalm 'N EZ and that helped a ton! He was being fed rocket fuel (aka sweet feed) because that's what the boarding facility feeds... but I had to put him on antibiotics and now I'm cleaning up the mess I created by giving him the antibiotics! ugh. But he was under the weather and needed them. I just wonder if there had been a better way to administer the antibiotics (like by-passing the stomach altogether with an injection). Live and learn. And I'm learning a lot.

  4. Kippen64 - thanks for your comment and welcome to my humble blog!

    I do normally wear a helmet. For whatever reason, I forget to put it on! I even told my friends that someone will post a comment about it because I forgot to put it on.

    Here's proof that I do wear my helmet...

  5. I just got dumped from my lovely horse a week ago. I've done all his training since he was 18 months old, never had a bit of trouble with him, he's 11 now, so I was shocked when he bucked me off! I have 3 teeny-tiny fractures and one break that may require surgery. I'll know Thursday. Can't tell you how glad I am that I had my helmet on.

    Other than the helmet thing, I love your blog.

  6. I feel your pocketbook-pain with the GastroGard, but you did the right thing. Pharmacologically, there's no comparison to any other equine supplement or medication. Proton-pump inhibitors are the only class of medications show to allow healing, while the others just mask symptoms.