Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I Have a Thing About Poo

I have good news!  Ollie's poops look almost like a normal horse's poop now!  I had him in one night because of the windy cold weather.  This gave me the opportunity to check out his you-know-what.  He had a couple actual road apples!  I am so pleased and happy!  On the downside, his poops still weigh more than normal due to water weight and they stink.  So I wish he was absorbing more into his system.  I look at those loose wet poops and think of the money on supplements I probably wasted because his body didn't absorb much of them.  But his digestive tract seems much improved from our earlier days and his tolerance to being brushed and touched all over is much better too.  So I deduct that we are on the upswing and perhaps his water absorption will continue to improve and so will the supplements!

The most amazing thing is his improved attitude.  He's always been a good guy but you could tell he wasn't always comfortable.  Now he's looking comfortable and much more relaxed.  This is key!

Ollie has a bit of a pot belly going on with his constant grazing but I'm not going to worry too much about that.  I'll get him back to work and hopefully that will help with our "big gut" issue.  It'll be good for me too because I'm getting back my big gut.  Ugh!  Can't wait for warmer weather for both of us.

On a side note, you know I'm obsessing about poop when I feel the need to take a picture at the store of something like this...
Paper made from you guessed it - horse poop! 

Sometimes I believe I need to get a better perspective on life.  :)

Here's to good poops!!


  1. I love that paper. I have some made from panda poop. I use it for little odd commissions. :D

  2. Yay normal poop and improved attitude!!!

  3. Only horse people could carry on (and on and on ;o) about road apples. You are not the only blogger whose posts I follow who is also poop obsessed. You are among friends ;o)

    I just wish I could convince the teenager who cleans my stalls that searching for poop in the stall bedding can be an adventure. He leaves the shavings "as is" when he has removed the wet, and that means there are piles of "hidden treasures" that he doesn't even look for.

    Must be a teenage guy thing. ;o)

  4. I agree with TBdancer. anyone one else listening in on poop talks would be freaked out.

  5. LOVE the paper-must check that out!
    Glad his poo is looking better. I feel so luck that I have an OTTB that doesn't have gut issues (well, no symptoms, anyway). It's just so frigging common among them. I would be excited too if he was having the squirts and now they're looking pretty solid! You could get to road apples yet:)