Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wild and Wooley!

I'm back in northern Michigan preparing for the boys big move and taking care of personal business and general business matters too. But the weather has gotten in the way of things for me. Let's just say it's fierce!

This tree took out a transformer. What a loud explosion that made! It fell in the alley near me. Thankfully no one was injured.

With wild weather events, a photographer instinctively goes into action because you'll get shots like you can't get on any other day. So off I went to "the big lake." That's what we call Lake Michigan. In Traverse City, I live very close by to Grand Traverse Bay. This bay is nicely sheltered and rarely gets big wave action. So I decided to head out on the 30 mile drive to the Point Betsie Lighthouse. I KNEW there would be some great photo opportunities if the waves were big and if there was some sun. I wasn't let down! But first I had to get there. Many trees were down on the roads and at one point I had to drive off the road to get around one tree. Thankfully I drive a 4 wheel drive pickup!

Once I arrived, I had to get myself out to the beach. I hadn't planned on the sandblasting I was about to get. I had a skull cap on, the shell of my Columbia jacket and had to walk backwards out to the beach. I got a break once I was far enough where the sand was wet. So I took pictures...





And then I tried for the "big picture" when the sun came out and made it breathtaking!


I turned around and took a picture into the sun and towards the sand dunes. Just look at the sand blowing around! It hurt like the dickens!



And finally I got this shot with a bigger lens that is my favorite of the day. I got sand in my eyes, ears, nose, inside my shoes and in my bra (not kidding!) but it was worth it.


So what does any of this have to do with my horses? Well not much. I saw them, took a long time attempting to clean them of the caked on mud and couldn't get over how wooley they are now (pun intended)! They are two big fuzz balls! And they look great! We have them fattened up for the ride to Kentucky. We have all assumed they will lose weight on the trip. So they are ripe for traveling! I didn't dare take a picture of them because 1) it was dark and 2) they were still looking like a good shade of pewter from the mud. I had wanted to ride them but the high winds were just too much noise in the arena and spooky for the horses. In fact, the roof of one of the run-ins came crashing over to the arena wall! Crazy and not safe conditions to ride. Oh well...

I can't wait to get them to their new home. They will LOVE IT! Now we just need the winds to die down so we can make it down the highway...


  1. As usual, your photography is amazing. Love the pictures.

  2. Arg. Tried to leave a long comment, but blogger ate it. *sigh* Now leaving an anonymous comment to see if that works. (Laura)

    In short - love the photos! Wild weather makes for some amazing photography. (like your title too!). Might be worth printing and framing one of those prints for your new house down south to remind you of the big lake!

  3. Best of luck moving the boys. I bet they love Kentucky.

    Those photos are amazing.

  4. We have winds blowing sand here where I live (the Mojave Desert in southern California). I just look at it (literally and figuratively) as "Nature's Dermabrasion."

    And I always hope I look 20 years younger after I get in the shower and wash off the accumulated grit. I'm not looking as OLD as I am, though there is some debate about the "20 years" thing.

    Good luck with the move, great pictures, and I'm sure the boys will be fine on the trip. My horse loves trailer rides. He came from Paris KY as a yearling in a van, I am assuming. He now has his own "limo," a 2-horse straight load bumper pull. Your guys have each other. They will love KY.