Saturday, October 9, 2010

Dressage Freestyle Finals

I have been hugely busy with my work and bouncing around with equestrian activities in and around Lexington.

I got back in time to watch the dressage freestyle finals at the World Equestrian Games. We literally drove from the airport (had a Lyle Lovett sighting in the terminal) to the Horse Park. I had a seat WWWAAAYYY UUUPPP in the nosebleed section but enjoyed being part of the crowd and seeing these amazing performances in person.

There was a definite international crowd as many languages floated about in the air.

My favorite ride of the evening was the very entertaining Spaniard Juan Munoz Diaz and his horse Fuego XII

While they may not have been the best technically, they were (by far) the best in charisma and personality. The crowd LOVED them!

Then Edward Gal and Moorland Totilas came out. Everyone seated around me made remarks to the effect of "This is why I came tonight." They were amazing and I felt so privileged to have been able to see them in person. It was fantastic!

His ride was good but not his best, in my opinion. However, it was still one of the most technically correct rides of all and his scores showed that. Crazy good!

The downside of the show reared it's ugly head after it was done. The lines to get back to our car along with the lines to get out of the parking lot and the traffic on the roads were just a nightmare. It took us over an hour and we didn't wait for a shuttle to our parking lot, we walked it.

I haven't been able to get back to the Games since last week. Now it's time for Keeneland and I'll have so much to post about that... :)



  1. omg I'm in that picture of you waving in the nosebleed seats!! Me and my dad are wearing matching red caps like 3 rows in front of you - small world!!

  2. Thanks for the video; his choice of music is perfect! The end was quite a surprise, when he almost got dumped. :-) LOVE the shot at Keeneland; I have great memories from there last November....

  3. oh you're so lucky, i love edward gal!
    great video! :D