Monday, October 25, 2010

Some Days Are Crazy

I'm going to be heading north to bring the boys down to Kentucky and their new home. I'm very excited about this.

In the meantime, Matt and I have been taking lots of pictures. One day we were all over the place! We started out at Old Friends. We had an idea for a shot for Smokey Stover and wanted to try it out. We couldn't find Smokey anywhere but we did catch a horse named Early Pioneer and his buddy whose name we didn't catch...

Then we continued on our way to Nuckols Farm to get pictures of 2001 Kentucky Derby winner, Monarchos.



"Mo" is very well loved at his home. He was busy begging for mints from his handler and showing off for us. He has a big personality.

Then we were off to the races at Keeneland. We got to shoot the Jonathan Sheppard trained, Fugitive Angel win Valley View Stakes (G3):



We took a ton of photos in one day!

I loved that we also caught some good emotion at the track, like this groom taking Ariana D back to the barn after winning an allowance race. He was so proud of her! He talked and talked to her with a huge grin on his face all the way back to the barn.


It was a fun day but by far our coolest photo came the evening before when we snuck out to Old Friends to scope out photo opportunities and we caught Judge's Case running in his paddock at sunset...


You just have to love horses...


  1. Gorgeous pictures and obviously the products of a VERY busy day! Congratulations on these shots. Loved the one of the groom. How can you not be proud of one of your "charges" after a big win?

    Good luck on the move, too. I bet your boys will travel like champs--they got each other, they got both of YOU, and a bright future ahead for all!

  2. We got to visit Old Friends when we were in KY; such a cool concept and realization! Great photos all; thanks for sharing.

  3. I can't believe how fat Monarchos got! He looks great.

  4. Beautiful photography as always! Love the emotion of the jockeys and grooms you always catch in your photos and the shot of the horse running in the sunset is Uh-Mazing! :)

  5. I loved that photo of the groom and the horse. I love when photos are able to catch that kind of emotion. Good luck moving your boys!

  6. I've met Mo,too! We visited Claiborne about seven years ago when he was still standing there, and the groom pulled him from his pasture so we could pet him (he was a good boy). He sure is a lot whiter now. I love your photos from Old Friends... one of my fave places ever. I'm sure Michael appreciates your work and the publicity! - Tracie

  7. your photos are just awesome; it's easy to tell how much you love these horses.

    My horse's sire is at Old Friends! (Leave Seattle) We send $ for treats sometimes. If you are back there, pls. pet him for us. <3

    I can't wait to visit KY one day!