Thursday, March 25, 2010

There's NOTHING Like a GREAT Ride!

Hola is out while his back heals and Toby is in. In fact, Toby is WAY IN!

I had my lesson with the Tobster on Tuesday. It was a gorgeous sunny day and we decided to ride outdoors. This is good for the long bodied Toby.

He was great - rather, WE were GREAT! We are better and better at holding a nice round frame, we are better balanced and we cantered! I haven't been able to canter in our indoor all winter. The indoor is just too small to risk it with Toby. We have fallen before in there and we just don't want to do that again.

On this day we were going along so beautifully that Betsy said, "Let's try cantering!" So away we went, round, balanced and I had a stupid grin on my face. Toby really has a time getting his body together to be round. Betsy even said that his back legs are much longer than his front, making it really difficult for him to get them underneath himself. Well he tried and did it the best he's ever done it. I was so proud!

Toby didn't even work up much of a sweat! He did have some sweat and since it's too cold to bathe yet, had to dry on him before I put him back out in his paddock with the gang of merry men. Hola, evidently missed Toby and came to the gate to greet him. Then he smelled the salt on him and proceeded to lick and lick and lick him. It was as if Toby was a walking salt lick for Hola. Toby didn't care for it and let Hola know it. It was most amusing. I love their interactions.

So it looks like I'm going to meet an Albion saddle fitter in the middle of April. I'll keep you posted on how this develops. We are working out the details now.

Also, I'm traveling for the next couple of weeks for both business (golf) and business (racing photography). Should be fun but really busy. The guys get another break from the action.

Finally, my barn had a very sad day. It's owned by a family that shows Morgan horses. On the farm are her retired show horses. Yesterday, Beamore - a three time World Champion - passed away from colic and kidney stones. Beamore was (I believe) 23 yrs old and was very special to everyone at the barn. He was certainly one of the friendliest horses on the property. Ollie liked to play with him often:


i love you man


He liked to check on Toby too:

watcha doing

We're all going to miss him much.


  1. Sorry to hear about the barn senior citizen's passing. the oldies are really something special.

  2. Glad that you got to get outside and ride and even canter! There's nothing that compares to a great ride where everything clicks. So sorry to hear about the passing of the morgan horse

  3. How ironic. Today I was traveling with a friend and telling her about a young Morgan I looked at and would love to have but could only buy him IF I sold Russell and for the same price. She wanted to see him so we swung in where he is stabled and said hi. Just now I saw your post title and thought how nice it would be to RIDE, good or bad; Russell is laid up with a suspensory injury again. Then you ended your post with Beamore's passing, making me want the Morgan all the more. My best dressage partner to date was a Morgan....