Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Tuesday Child is Full Grace


Today started out a rocky morning for my trainer, Betsy. A few weeks ago she got herself a lovely TB broodmare from a woman who is going out of the country for the next 3 years. Betsy is planning on breeding her to a warmblood and getting a baby out of her. This broodmare was already bred to another warmblood and came to Betsy's barn with about 8 weeks to go in the pregnancy.

This morning Betsy found the mare with her baby aborted. While it may be nature's way of dealing with things when it's not quite right, it's still sad to handle. The mare was protecting her stillborn filly and Betsy had to get some help to take care of things. Just not a good way to begin a day.

Needless to say, Betsy arrived for my lesson a little out of sorts. I had her work only Ollie today. I was desperate to get some work into the boy who has been hanging out for too long. Ollie was wound up a little tight and after a whole lot of walking he began to take the hump out of his back and relax. Both Betsy and I thought he might even throw out a buck from his boundless energy but he didn't! I'm so proud of him! Once we got him focused on doing some work, he tried hard. I think he was fighting his enthusiasm and had a tough time controlling his hind end to work with his front end. It's as if his hind end has a mind of its own and kept wanting to pass his front end. He was a total wiggle worm, traveling like a crooked drunken fool but trying very hard to listen to Betsy. I laughed out loud when Betsy rewarded him for going straight by allowing him to trot. Boy did he have a lot of energy in his trot!

His mouth was foaming and his ears were flicking back and forth the entire time. He really enjoys his work. He wasn't perfect but he did do pretty darn well considering the lack of work he has had and for all his energy.

Toby was our wildcard today. I brought him in from the paddock when I got Ollie. Toby was soaking wet with sweat. I imagine he had a good time running around before I got out to the barn. I took off his wet blanket, put it in the tack room (heated) to dry out, put a cooler on him and let him relax in his stall. He was exhausted. So Betsy and I decided no lesson for him. I'm a little low on funds, he worked himself and I knew that if I rode him I'd be riding a tired out old man. A joint decision which was good by all of us involved!

Betsy was happy to ride and get her mind off her morning. Ollie was happy to be ridden and tried his enthusiastic best. It's really hard to get upset with him when he tries so hard and seems so happy to be put to task, even when he doesn't get it right. I love my gray guy!

Ollie shot with new Canon 1D Mark IV

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  1. If you ever decide you don't want Ollie, ship him to me. I hate gelding and greys on principle, but I love him. He's so pretty and has so much personality... You're lucky. ;-)