Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Need A Favor: Gustas McCrae

Gustas McCrae (right) with is buddy Jacie Mae
Today I'm going to blog about a dog.  He's a special little dog to me.  I first met him when he came to the Lexington Humane Society with his buddy.   I thought he was the most adorable dog EVER.  The LHS tried to adopt him with his friend.  However, life got in the way and Gustas came down with an ailment and had to go to the quarantine area of the LHS.  While the two dogs were seperated, Jacie Mae found her forever home

Gustas came back to the adoption area and kept hoping to find his new home.  But no one fell in love with him.  Month after month, when I would go to photograph the animals at the LHS, I'd see Gustas there still waiting.  I made it a point to sneak him into my pet photography when I could.

It's like he was made for the camera! Such an expressive face and those ears!  Those beautiful big ears!

Recently, I saw that Gustas continued to be looking for a home.   During the holidays, I'd post his photo on people's pages who I knew were looking at adoptable dogs online.  I felt so sneaky...  and hopeful at the same time.  Maybe one of them would take him home!  But of course nothing happened.

Finally, I had enough.  I called for a family meeting.   Matt, Amos, Monster (the cat) and of course me.  We talked for a long time about bringing in Gustas.  We made a list of things we'd need to work on.  Gustas, evidently, had been attacked by another dog while at the LHS.   He's a little gun shy about other dogs and protective of his hind end now.  We believed, and from our experience, that we could work it out between him and Amos.  It would be work for us but we felt it could be done.  Then we looked at our cat.  Monster is 12 yrs old.   He's very independent and he's not afraid of dogs.  He completely controls Amos who weighs 80lbs more than him!  However, Monster is a bit funny about who he approves and who he doesn't.  During the 2 yrs that my elderly frail feline lived with us, Monster would stay away from home except for an occasional visit.  Once my cat passed away, Monster felt he could come back home.  For good.   We do not want to change his feelings about it.  So we concluded that Gustas (or any dog or cat for that matter) could not come home to live with us with our current situation.

To make me feel better about it, Matt promised to help me with a dedicated photo shoot for Gustas.  It's my hope that getting more photos of him out to the public will help him find his forever home.  Below are some of the photos from our shoot:

Finally, I want to ask you a favor.  Please share his information.  I made a cute video that can be shared (see below) or just share my blog post.  Either way, I would appreciate any help in finding this guy his forever home.  Thanks!


  1. Couldn't you do a test home-stay to see if Monster approves of Gustus?

  2. He's a great looking dog. It's so hard to be pragmatic. I'm seeing a Lab-Jack Russell mix. Are there no breed-specific rescues who might take him and foster until he's matched with a forever home? I foster for Collie rescue but we've taken part collie mixes in the past. Paws crossed for him.

  3. I have a "Cor-Weenie" that, except for color, is very much like Gustus. My dog looks like Hagar the Horrible's dog Snert, actually. The Doxie side is very evident in his personality. (I also have his mother, the Pembroke Welsh Corgi. She lives for cookies). I can't imagine why someone hasn't taken Gustus home. I agree with Michelle. Foster him for awhile and see how it works with Monster.

  4. I would guess by his ears he has some corgi in him and they are such sweet dogs......

  5. Hi ears look like my Jack Russells. We always thought she'd grow into them as a puppy but it's been a year and she still hasn't. I hope he manages to find a home.

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