Friday, June 24, 2011

The Aliens Brought Him Back... Then Took Him Again

What is it about the little things that get me so excited? 

As you know, Ollie has been doing well as a calm, settled recreational pony for me lately.  I figured the aliens had taken away the over-active, busy body horse I originally had.  But alas, the busy body came back the other morning.  SIGH...

I worked Ollie in the round pen fully tacked up.  I kept thinking to myself that today was going to be the day I get back on him and he'll behave like a normal horse.  He decided that he had a need for speed and sped around, bucking and tossing his head.  I was so disappointed.  He worked himself into a lather in no time at all.  He eventually went around nicely and in the end, he was following me around like a puppy dog.  I was pleased with how we ended but bummed about his need for speed when we started out. 

Then came today.

I took him to the round pen again and we started out with walk/trot transitions.  He did them perfectly.  Then I asked him to canter.  No problem!  I felt that today was the day to get back on him.  What a nice horse!  He stood at the mounting block, he was actually a little lazy about going around the ring and not once did his hind end want to pass the front end!  I was thrilled.  I even went through the Introductory Dressage test with him (it's only walk/trot) and he went around very well!  He even halted perfectly square.  I wanted to do cartwheels.   I'm so excited because of his attitude.  He was calm, willing to work and not trying to out think me at any time.

I'm just busting with pride over my calm, settled, recreational pony!! 

Ollie and me.  Photo by Holly Tonini, a Capture The Light Photography Workshop attendee!


  1. OLLIE was just "having a moment." Also, I always enjoy seeing the photo of of our Beloved JAGUAR HOPE. A sweet tale of a sweet moment, and a sweet memory of the heart: a very nice way to start the day. ^-,^ Your FOB Fren, O

  2. Yeah, "having a moment." These are the times I'm very happy to be "on the ground." ;o) Excellent photos, also. Your workshop students are going to make you and Matt shine ;o)

  3. Ahhh....they all have their moments, even the quietest, dead-broke ones. I love the photo.

  4. big boy blue has been too quiet lately that i upped his grain just a tad. he too came off the track but he is an appendix and raced in columbus oh. evidently they have that type of racing up there but his dam is registered jockey club. looking forward in following your blog. if you have a second jump on over. :)