Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Maryal Barnett Clinic

Betsy invited international FEI judge Maryal Barnett up to Traverse City to give us a clinic. What a fantastic opportunity! I had big plans to ride Toby in the clinic. Toby had other ideas. He turned up three-legged-lame on Monday and the clinic was on Thursday. I wasn't about to take him even if he was feeling fine - which he was by Thursday. It seemed like he had a tendon injury in his front right so I didn't want to take any chances. And I couldn't take Hola yet because we've just begun him under saddle. We are just not ready yet.

So when life gives you lemons, make lemonade! I ended up riding one of Betsy's lesson horses. Meet my mount, Riot:


Riot is a 4 yr old Quarter Horse who is, believe it or not, a very mild mannered guy under saddle. He's a good combination of Toby and Hola and by riding him, I was able to work more on my seat and riding position. Which is exactly what Maryal did!

I took a lesson on Riot on each of the two days Maryal was there. By the second day, Maryal had me working on a killer "pelvic thrust" which she thoroughly embarrassed me by mentioning my boyfriend would be very happy if I perfected this... OH MY!

I did seem to improve my seat and get myself into a better position in the saddle. I was so happy with the improvement!

At any rate, the clinic was wonderful and I learned a ton. I hope to do more clinics and I hope most of all, that I can bring my rock star boy Hola C Bright next time!

Hola C Bright


  1. When it comes to horses, everyone should learn about making lemonade ;o) Loved the picture of your "dressage mount." Here's hoping everyone is sound and healthy the next time you have such an opportunity and you can ride BOTH your guys in the clinic. I'm sure you got a lot of good advice on riding a QH in dressage. They are challenging but every horse makes for good riding experience when it comes to dressage, I think.

  2. Sometimes the mental images that instructors use that make you go O_o are the ones that stick with you the best!! :)