Saturday, December 4, 2010

Saturday Afternoon Ramblings

Today, Lexington had it's first real snowfall. This is nothing like what I am used to in northern Michigan. It'll be cloudy and snowy then the next day it'll be sunny and the snow will go away. In Traverse City, once the snow starts it won't stop for weeks straight. That's just life in the snowbelt/lake effect areas.

I'm learning not to worry as much about my guys. They continue to look good. Today, however, I went out like I usually do around the noontime hour to give Toby and Ollie some grain. They were soaking wet from the snow and rain, and with a couple of inches of snow they had to dig for the grass and the hay piles that were tossed out for the herd were tough for them to get to for any amount of time due to the herd hierarchy. Toby and Ollie are the lowest on the totem pole of the herd. Ollie is the absolute bottom dweller.

Matt and I decided to bring them in for their grain, throw them each a flake of hay in their stalls and give them time to dry out. When we left the barn, you could see the steam rising from their backs as they munched on their food. I plan on heading back out in a couple of hours to toss them back out with the herd. I just wanted them dry for the colder nighttime hours. I think I'm improving in my worrying!

On another topic... I had an early Christmas present!

I wear that hat EVERYWHERE hoping someone will ask me about it... :)

Since I'm rambling today, I may as well promote the latest EquiSport Photos endeavor.

We started a blog with equine photography tips. The content will be geared towards people who use digital cameras with exchangeable lenses. So if you want to learn more about how to use your digital camera to get some creative and cool shots then you'll want to follow along with our blog. I just hate that you're going to learn all our secrets! LOL!

Here is a link to our blog called Capture The Light - Equine Photography and Workshops



  1. Not worrying is a tough thing sometimes..! Cool about your new blog - I think that, even with your tips, your photos will still be a 100% better because it is what you guys do for a living! :-)

  2. No worries about ME stealing all your secrets, since my digital is a point-and-shoot jobby (and I love it!).

  3. Glad to hear that the boys are adjusting well to their new lifestyle! I'm sure it's hard for you not to worry -- I, too, was raised in the "horses live in stalls & only get turned out for a few hours each day" mentality, so I would also have to get used to having a horse turned out in a field 24/7. It's certainly more healthy for them, physically & mentally, but we do tend to anthropomorphise our animals!
    SO exciting about the photography blog! I took photo class in high school, but we used old-school cameras, so I could really use some tips/tricks on digital-cam photo-taking. :-D

  4. Love your hat! Where EVER did you get it?? ;o)

    I turned my guy out today--he was so exuberant he needed the chain over his nose. Haven't had to do that for 10 years (but he remembered what it meant and settled his hash right down). However, in his exuberance, he tore off a good portion of his hoof wall and is now sore. Shoer is in Vegas at the National Finals Rodeo (assuming as a viewer, though he is quite a team roper and may have qualified) so I don't expect a return call to my message until tomorrow evening. SO ... worry comes in many forms. And SIGH because I was hoping to get back to riding.

    I signed up for your photog blog, too. Matt already gave me some things to try with my low-end digital. It's a Canon, but I'm saving my pennies to buy a newer and more sophisticated one.

  5. I'm following the photo blog and posting about it. I LOVE your photos and the new blog looks really interesting. Thanks to you and the other writers for sharing the tips, but I don't think you're in any danger of competition :)

  6. I clicked on the link and now am a follower there. Being Australian and not from one of the cooler mountain areas, your weather would freak me out. My Highland Pony would love it. Every year he faithfully grows a winter coat for the snow and of course, it never snows. My Thoroughbred would be pleading for some sort of help. When he's cold, he'll rush over to me knowing that I will fix his problems. His faith in me is endearing.

  7. I love the snow photograph. I have an off the track thoroughbred. Not the best choice for my first horse, but I am enjoying learning with him.

  8. nice site, bootiful pics. keep it comin. thanks!