Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I'm prouder than a peacock over my guys!

Toby is getting (actually) fat and he's happy! He's a blast to ride! Sound, happy, lots of dapples and he seems to be blossoming in his new home. I've been able to cut his feed in 1/2 and he's getting more hay and the hay comes in small portions throughout the day. He's actually on the verge of becoming FAT! For as long as I've had Toby I've never had this problem. I'm really thrilled! Not only is he uber healthy, he's sound and fun to ride! I've been nursing him and Ollie for so long!

Ollie is sound, almost at a perfect weight and happy! Even his poops keep looking better and better each day! They are almost (but not quite) perfect poops! His coat is super soft and he's starting to challenge Toby in his hierarchy. All signs of one healthy horse!

So today he was put back into training!! He started out like he knew nothing and about 15 minutes into it his light bulb turned on and he put himself on the bit and was truly lovely!


He wasn't perfect by any stretch of the imagination but based on how he began his work and how he ended - he was perfect in my eyes...




I love how he moves and the way he points his toes. He's just a joy to watch (do I sound a bit besotted?)...


Then Toby and I had a great lesson! He started out slow, lazy and dull but he came to life once I got on his case and was light on his feet (for the most part except for a couple of trips), stretchy and on the bit. So much fun to ride! We even did some good leg yields at the end of our lesson. He was really good and on the aids for me.

I'm just thrilled that my last lesson before my wedding day was such a good one.

I'm so happy. Happy, happy, happy! To have my two boys fat, sound and happy (and the best of all working) means more to me than anything!! I couldn't ask for my horses to be in a better place than this when I approach one of the most meaningful days of my life.


  1. Wow, sounds like all the stars are aligning for you. :-)
    Excellent news that your boys are thriving at their new place; seems like that was a good decision. It's difficult to get them happy & healthy when they're not in the right environment.
    And, omg, that indoor is gorgeous!

  2. I was going to say WOW, but Frizzle beat me to it. Your happiness sparkles through in your post. A joy to read. Enjoy your wedding and your fat, happy horses!

  3. Hi there, is this you riding or your trainer? Ollie is a beautiful boy!!

  4. That's my trainer, Betsy VanDyke, riding him. Thanks for the compliment!

  5. Great news about both horses feeling better every day! Hope that continues on for you and them!

    Congrats on your wedding! I hope you have a wonderful day.

  6. Yeah Frizzle already said it but I have to say it again, wow! Your happiness shines through this post so much no one could read it and not smile. Congratulations on everything and I wish you many more of these perfect days!

    ~~ JennyB, Horsefeathers

  7. Wendy, I have been following your blog off and on for quite a while now. I love your beautiful photos and I love hearing about your two special TB's.

    Congrats on all the great success and comings as of late :) :). I wish you the best and hope you continued to be surrounded by the happiness you so greatly express in your post!!

  8. Just found your blog today and love it. I am very passionate about Thoroughbreds as dressage horses. Hope to see you on my blog as well! www.lighthorsefarm.com/LHFBlog/