Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Day 2 At the New Digs

Both seem to be doing well. I think Ollie may have an allergy to the different hay. He keeps sneezing when he's eating it. Poor guy!

Toby seems pretty happy. His poops were a little loose this morning but otherwise he's well. He's eating and drinking well which is most important. I'm sure the different hay is making his poop a little loose. This was expected.

Ollie seems considerably better! He didn't seem to be off at all today and he stood in the cross ties with his weight evenly distributed on all fours. He had been resting his left hind all the time and that is one of the reasons why I wanted the chiropractor to come out. The doc will be coming out to give an adjustment on Friday the 13th.

So here they are in pictures - DAY TWO

This is what greets you when you pull up to the barn:


Their run-in:


You can see that Toby likes the window view.

Both had a good roll and run:






  1. What a couple of happy goobers greeting you every day (and I mean "goobers" in the nicest way possible ;o) The boys are enjoying their new digs, too. That is evident in the pictures as well. Sometimes change is good ;o)

  2. Wendy
    I have an OTTB from Finger Lakes. I had alot of the loose stool problems you are having and then I put her on succeed. Have you heard of it. Great stuff that addresses hind gut issues. Its pricey though at about $100 per month per horse. As well I have a friend that uses smart gut ultra from and it works the same way but costs a third of the price.

    All the best to you