Monday, August 2, 2010

Hello From The Skies

Blogging to you from 35,000 feet in the air! Kinda cool!

I'm heading back from Seattle, WA and the U.S. Senior Open. I had an interesting week of working in the score card signing area for Thursday and Friday then working in the broadcast booth on the 18th hole with Dan Hicks and Gary Koch of the NBC Sports team. It was a blast! And it was cool to have Dan Hicks introduce me on air. I'm sure it made my parents proud. :)

Thankfully there were no rulings with the lead groups and I didn't have to actually speak on air (I hate hearing my own voice). I thought it may have been close when Tom Kite hit it out of bounds and then followed it up with a "lateral hosel shot" (aka Shank) into the woods. But he was too far out of the lead anyways to warrant any real airtime.

Now I'm flying home and coordinating my equines move to their new home. Hopefully we move tomorrow...

Toby and Hola


  1. I'm a little confused: are the boys moving to a new Michigan barn, or is it time for the BIG move to Lex?

  2. New Michigan barn. They will move to Kentucky after I move and find a place for them. Ollie will be able to continue with training while he is in Michigan even if I'm not at this barn.