Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Waiting Game

There's not too much to write about. Toby and Ollie are thoroughly enjoying their new digs. Toby rules over Ollie when they are together then he pathetically calls to him when I have them apart. For a 20 yr old "been-there-done-that" horse he's the biggest baby.

Ollie is suffering from a stone bruise which looks like it turned into an abscess and is about to break any minute now. Any minute now.... Twice daily epsom salt soaks the past couple of days hasn't made it happen yet. Highly frustrated owner. Ollie is moving slowly and gimpy. Other than that he seems unfazed by it all. He's eating well, drinking well, sleeping well and follows Toby around like a puppy following his person. He's even pooping better and filling out!


Their new friend, the rooster, even hangs out with the boys


And as soon as this abscess breaks through, we'll all be crowing about it!!



  1. Aren't abscesses and stone bruises the PITS? Totally fixable (with tincture of TIME, which is always in short supply) but frustrating as heck. I've never experienced abscesses until I moved to the High Desert (Mojave) in California. My horse has had TWO of them (in 12 years, not bad but NEVER coming at a "good" time).

    Fingers crossed you'll all be "crowing" soon.

  2. Hm... I think that might be my mare's problem. Hope all goes well for you.

  3. Aaahhh, the good old abscess. It seems like that is one problem we horse people will never escape!
    Animalintex poultices are GREAT at drawing out abscesses. After that, my personal favorite is White Lightning; it clears everything right up!
    Good luck with everything. :-)