Sunday, August 8, 2010

Clouds In My Coffee

Last night, the owner of Toby and Ollie's new home had a party. My rock star fiance came along to the party since he was here to help me paint my front porch and do some fix-ups to my home, all in the effort to sell it and get me down to Kentucky.

Anywhere Matt goes he takes a camera. I happily showed him my boys new home and of course the camera came out. We had both seen a cool photo on one of our favorite photo blogs of Carly Simon with her horse. We thought we'd try it out too.



How did we do?

My guys are doing very well in their new home. Ollie in particular. His poops are beginning to take on some shape. He's on U-gard, Finish Line's U-7 and Cosequin's probiotics. The U-7 has aloe vera juice, the U-gard helps with stomach acid and the probiotics are getting a chance to stay in his system and do their thing. He is getting hay several times a day and is managing to keep his weight while his grain is being cut back a bit. Toby is able to cut back on his grain as well due to the increase in hay. Of course we are keeping a close eye on both of them for changes in their weight.

I'm very pleased in the progress over the short time. In fact, I'm doing a happy dance!


  1. I LOVE the top photo -- the pose and lighting are perfect. And methinks you are beaming like only a woman in love can do.... ;-)

  2. Happy dance indeed--and YOU, by the way, look GREAT! Keep doing what you're doing as well ;o)

    More hay is always a good idea because it gives the stomach something to work on while keeping the supplements and "goodies" in place longer so THEY don't get "whooshed out" when the stomach is empty and the system is in an uproar. I always feed "lunch" (actually double breakfast because I am not always home to toss that second flake of hay) and my OTTB, at age 16, looks like a 10-year-old ;o)

    Love the pictures, too ;o)

  3. Fantastic photos! You look great Wendy...and cracks me up to read about the poop issues.

    All my friends are having kids at the moment and all they talk about now is poop. I guess I know who your two kids are!! :>P