Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Moving Day!

Toby and Ollie moved to a new equine home today. They have moved to my friend Heather's so Ollie can get more training with Betsy and he can get some better individual attention with his feed than at the boarding facility we were living in before. I'm really battling his loose poop issue and trying to keep him sound.

The soundness issue has a little something to do with Ollie's peculiar social skills. I think he has poor equine social skills due to his 7 years of living the track life. At least that's my theory... He is extremely social and he's also very curious. He literally doesn't have a mean bone in his body (OK - I can hear the Sebrights laughing right now because Ollie used to be nicknamed "Chuckie" at the track due to his bad behavior). Seriously, Ollie doesn't have a mean bone and he LOVES attention. So when he hangs with other horses, he has a habit of greeting them by sniffing their behinds. Just like a dog. Needless to say, the other horses do not care to have their behinds sniffed. So poor Ollie gets kicked around often. Right now, he is lame on his front right most likely from an inopportune sniff followed by a kick.

But I think those days are over! In Ollie's new home, he shares a paddock with only his best buddy, Toby. Toby rules over Ollie so all he has to do is give him "the look" and Ollie will back off. Toby doesn't do too much kicking out as it's not needed. No more will Ollie be hanging with a big group of goofy geldings when he's turned out. Rather, Toby and Ollie share a lovely shaded paddock with a run-in that then leads right into Ollie's stall. Typically the stall door is closed but with those two it really doesn't matter. Toby's stall is right next to Ollie's and has a nice window to the outdoors but it opens up to another paddock (not his). So Toby will be led over to Ollie's stall for turnout and the two will hang out together all day. They loved the set-up!

Ollie looking out onto his paddock from his stall:


Toby's and Ollie's stalls are right next to each other and they have a 1/2 wall on the aisle side. So they can hang their heads out to see what's going on and chat with each other. Boy did they like that alot!!


Toby is just a happy guy!


They will have to get used to some new things, like the rooster that roosts in the barn each night. The rooster really had Ollie going earlier in the day. I don't think he's seen too many of them in his lifetime. He kept wanting to sniff his behind...

This is our rooster friend:

the rooster

I'm very excited about this move and look forward to the work we will be able to do - now if only Ollie would be sound!


  1. Moving day is always very exciting. I love watching horses "learn" about new things.

    I had a foster horse for 18 months and he had lived his entire life (he was in his 20s) in a stall at the same barn in Corona, about 60 miles south of where I live. Warm all the time, no snow (EVER) and the same routine.

    His owner died and he came up to the High Desert (cold wind in winter, harsh wind with blowing sand in summer, and SNOW ... LOTS of it plus rain that travels horizontally ... see "harsh wind" above).

    He thought he had moved to Hell (the rescue) and then Hell II (my place) but then he realized having a nice stall and paddock wasn't all that bad and there was plenty to see and do. He adjusted just fine.

    Your boys will do the same. And they have each other. That makes it nice, too. (The rooster will get Ollie sorted out, not to worry ;o)

  2. I'm just amazed at how well my guys seem to be adjusting! I was more worried about Toby because he'd been at the other place for many years. I'm not so worried anymore! He has his buddy, a nice stall and a pretty paddock with grass, trees and good footing!

    I cracked up at your "Hell and Hell II" Very funny!

  3. Your new place sounds like horse heaven. You must be ecstatic. The pictures of them are great, and I love the rooster picture!

  4. The boys look quite content with their new living arrangements. Nice digs!
    As far as Ollie's digestive issues -- have you ever tried Bio-Sponge? I've never used it before, as I haven't run into that problem, but I know a lot of people who swear by it. You can buy it here -- http://www.platinumvet.com/Bio-Sponge0153/productinfo/EBIOP4/
    Good luck!

  5. Thanks Frizzle for the info.

    Right now I'm going to try U-gard for a month now that he is off the gastro gard.

    Any idea what Bio-Sponge is? The website doesn't tell you any of the ingredients...

    Good news is that Ollie gained weight while I was away! I'm very pleased with that!

  6. Wendy, I know, I looked at the website as well, and the only ingredient listed is Bio Sponge. I guess they're quite secretive about their recipe! But I do know that a lot of vets recommend it, several of my friends have used it on their horses with great success, and a ton of people over on COTH rave about it.
    If he has ulcers, aloe vera juice and/or papaya (either fresh or in Stomach Soother -- www.stomachsoother.com) are other alternatives that you can try. I always like to have some "natural" options, although sometimes they can be a bit of a pain!