Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I'm An Excited Rider and Other Cool Things

My horses and I have been having the best time lately.  Toby is always so fun for me.  He and I are definitely like peas and carrots.  I fit him so well when we ride.  In his old age, it takes a bit before he warms up but when he gets going he offers up some nice forward, round and stretchy movement.  We're both out of shape so building up our endurance as our goal.   Ollie has been a blast for me as well.  His trust in me has increased so much.  He's happy and best of all he has been very sane.  No more Geoffrey Giraffe looks with no steering.  He marches around fairly straight (read no more sideways movement), he offers up a lovely round although I'm not pushing for round.  My focus right now is on a nice relaxed steady tempo.  If he gives me a pretty frame then he gets added gushing.  He has a sensitive ego and loves it when I tell him he's a rock star.  I'm just excited beyond words with his demeanor and attitude.  I feel like we can really move forward with our riding!

We've had some serious rainfall the past few days so the footing all around is slick.  No riding but I'm not too worried about it.   It's just part of Spring.  Sunday it was super humid and in the 60's.  No rain but it was too warm for my guys in their super heavy winter coats to do much riding either.  They were sweating from doing nothing in a field!

Matt, Amos (our dog) and I went on a mini adventure with our cameras instead.  Amos was the happiest about this hike

We took him on a test drive of going off the leash.  We were a bit nervous about it since we got him because he had been lost in the woods and found by my brother-in-laws house near the Kentucky River.   Thankfully Amos made us proud!  He would scout the trail ahead for us and come back full tilt to let us know it was safe.  ;)   He was all about staying with his "pack."   Good puppy! 

On our way back from the hike we swung by the barn to take care of the boys.  We saw the cutest new born foal at the farm we always pass - the farm that has the white thoroughbred filly.  We found out the foal was only 10 days old and Limehouse is her Daddy

And this time we got to meet the dam of the white thoroughbred filly.  What a cool looking horse!

She is appropriately named Icing (not sure of her full registered name) and she is by Marquetry.  Look at Marquetry's legs.  He has the coolest markings too!

Tomorrow my guys are getting their spring shots and Wednesday the equine dentist is going to take a look at them.  Busy time! 



  1. Such interesting marking that mare has, very cool!

    Sounds like spring is going very well for you and the boys :)

  2. Footing around here is wacky, too. We've had rain, snow, blue sky and a rainbow, all at the same time (a week ago Sunday). Puddles everywhere and I go outside only in rain boots with good tread soles. Otherwise, I'd be skidding down the embankment from house to barn on my rear end ;o)

    Speaking of skidding, watched a killdeer try to land on the ice-covered puddle out back. Looked like one of those comedy skaters who skates around like he's going to fall forward, then backward but doesn't fall at all (because he's a very GOOD skater ;o) The killdeer flapped its wings as it skated from one side of the ice to the other, then got to solid ground and stood around looking like Joe Cool. ;o)

  3. Amos is so full of joy. I love it.

    The markings on that mare are amazing.

  4. OMG you take the most gorgeous pictures. I want to hire you! lol That mare is beautiful! and your doggie looks super happy!

  5. Love the mare's face markings! My goodness, that sure is something else.

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  7. So glad to read that your horses are coming along well. Sounds great. Wish mine got round so easily. Great pictures of your walk with Matt and Amos.