Monday, March 14, 2011

Everything is So Fresh In Spring

I finally got on my guys yesterday (Sunday).  It was a gorgeous spring day!  My horses felt that spring air and were, well... uh...  "fresh."

Toby was great.  I enjoy riding him so much.  Ollie, on the other hand, was higher than a kite.  He had so much energy and wanted to GO so badly.  I felt that IF I could get him to whoa, I would let him have his go.  But I just had a feeling he was all about bolting if given an opportunity.  So our trots could rarely go down a straight line without him crab trotting.  We circled and serpentined our way around the arena.  He's crazy good about listening to your seat when it comes to steering and whoa.  After I rode him and cleaned him up, I took both my guys out - together - like I always do.  Ollie just couldn't help himself, he bolted as soon as I opened the gate.   He took off with halter and lead line still attached.  He threw himself down on the ground for a roll then took off towards the other horses.  Toby, the good horse, stood by my side and was a perfect gentleman.  Once Toby was undressed, he trotted over to the automatic waterer.  It's the only water he likes to drink.  Ollie saw him going in the opposite direction and he high tailed it over to him.  Ollie was at a flat out dead run.  He made the current Kentucky Derby favorite, Uncle Mo, look slow!  Ollie had his halter on and lead line flying in the wind behind him.  Everytime his lead line hit him he'd buck.  Eventually he stopped and everyone went to grazing the newly green grass.  I walked up to him and Toby.  Ollie gave me this look that said "Phew!  Glad I got that out of my system!"  And he wasn't even breathing hard.  What a knucklehead!

I went home very disappointed, wondering if Ollie would ever get some sanity.

Matt listened to me and told me to be patient.  And to get my mind off of my disappointment, he took me over to Old Friends to shoot some photos of Sea Native and Ball Four. 

Sea Native hanging out at Old Friend Equine Retirement
If you read our photography blog, you'll know that I kinda messed up on an earlier attempt to photograph Sea Native... 

Sea Native at Old Friends
Sea Native at Old Friends
Ball Four is a great thoroughbred race horse who was now racing in low level claiming races.  With the help of many, Old Friends was able to get him off the racetrack and give him the retirement from racing he deserved.    He looked fabulous for a horse that won more than $700,000.
Ball Four retired from racing thanks to Old Friends supporters

And since I mentioned it in my last blog post. Matt and I did go out and get pretty pictures of foals on Saturday. We had such a nice weekend! 

This one particular filly really wanted me to be her playmate:

A little filly at Crossroads Farm
A little filly at Crossroads Farm
She wanted so badly to see my camera settings
 More later...


  1. Sea Native has such a baby-face! Sorry Ollie was such a colt; some just always are. A friend of mine has a 20-something daughter (or is it a granddaughter) of Secretariat, and she STILL acts like she's headed for the starting gate, the crazy old lady!

  2. Crab trotting... sounds like Wizard and Ollie have been texting each other this spring...

    Great pics!

  3. Love the photos - Matt knows how to pull you out of those doldrums! Glad you are loving your KY Spring! Hoping hard that Mr. Bright settles down and becomes everything you are hoping for him!