Friday, March 18, 2011

Two Years Already...

It's been 2 yrs ago today.   A lot has happened and I miss him ALL THE TIME!  There is no denying it.  He was my absolute dream horse.  He was smart, freaky good looking and a dream to ride.  Admittedly we were having our issues in communications around the time he passed but I like to think of that as a relationship building experience.  :)  I'm also thrilled that he's still sorta hanging around and showing up in various places such as the cast/crew cap for the movie War Horse...  Way cool!

I don't want to dwell too much on his passing but I do enjoy looking back once in awhile.  This is my favorite video because I put so much of our daily routine into it.  I felt silly/stupid making it but now it's my favorite video.

Now I'm off to work my current project. As cute as he is, he'll never hold a candle to Jaguar Hope...


but he's special in his own way!


  1. I'm sure you miss him everyday, he was beautiful! Hang on to those great memories.

  2. I really enjoyed the video. Like you said, there was a lot of your routine in it and I got a good sense of his personality. He was a beauty, that's for sure!

  3. Great memories to treasure. Jag was a dreamboat!

    Ollie is going to come through as something just as special -- different but special.

  4. I love the video. You are so much like me: my camera rides shotgun all the time, too :)

  5. He was a comet across your sky -
    Glad you have two more equine "stars" to keep you company. :-)