Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Theme Was Mud

That was the photography challenge I gave Matt this morning.  We woke up to a glorious spring day and we were both itching to take photos.  Even though our day was warm and sunny,  nothing was green and we were surrounded by a sea of mud  So off we went to take mud photos.  We didn't know where but we knew we had to!

One order of business was to feed my horses.  We headed off in that general direction and I made Matt do a small detour to meet a neighbor:


I met this guy the other day when I drove past while he was having a party by himself.  He was running and bucking with his skinny little tail in the air.  I pulled over and he came charging to the fence.  I thought I was going to die!  But he stopped and took off in the other direction.  My dog was barking like a mad man.  The head of this big guy is the entire size of my 70lbs dog!  He's huge!  And cute!  Today when we stopped he was much more composed and gentlemanly...

Then we were off to the barn to see my guys.  Matt and I are members of EPNet.  They frequently have these photography "challenges" and one of them was a photo a day with different words as the theme.  One word they used was "whorl."   People came up with some great shots.  So that had me itching to get a shot of Ollie's wheat ear:


But alas, our personal challenge for the day was MUD because we have a lot of it in Kentucky:

See the mud monger in there?
Everyone was out at the barn enjoying the rare warm day. It was fun catching up and socializing with all of them. Here is our friend Hannah on her horse Arco,

And the barn mascots were looking on

Everyone should get along like these two...
Then we headed home.  On our drive we pass a thoroughbred breaking and training farm.  They have a dirt track and a few paddocks with young thoroughbreds.  As we drove past, we saw 2 ponies pulling a wagon with Mom and her two children in it around the dirt track.   It was so sweet that we had to stop - remember we had a "mud theme" going on today:

The kids are right at home with the young horses

As I wrote earlier, I pass this farm everyday to feed my horses.  And everyday I see this cute young and rare white thoroughbred. 

Her name is Packed Snow and she is by The White Fox who passed away recently.  She is his last foal and registered white.

After hanging out and chatting with the farm owners we called it a day.  I think we did pretty well for a muddy day with our cameras.  And where else but in central Kentucky would you get to see all the things we saw today.  I love it!


  1. A bison! You don't see that every day!

    Love the pics, as always... Very sad to read the article about The White Fox, I had no idea he'd passed. I don't follow racing as closely as I used to, but I remember being so excited when he was born, and when he started racing!

  2. Well that was not the photo I expected to see when I clicked on your blog! Haha.

  3. Beautiful Wendy, the photos were gorgeous and so heart warming.

  4. I am so happy to run into your Blog, great stuff !