Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Mid Winter Blues


It's almost February.  The weather is icky, my horses are shaggy looking, I'm not riding and I'm at a loss of blog post ideas.   I got the flu while in San Antonio and it's taken me a week to start to feel more normal.  I had to enlist Matt's help in feeding the horses because I was feeling so weak.  He comes away with a great photo opportunity and an interesting blog post for his blog for his efforts!

Yesterday, when I went out to feed, Toby showed up on time for his dinner but Ollie didn't come in.  He was hanging over the fence chatting with the yearlings in the field next to him.  I could only imagine what he was telling those youngsters about life.  It must have been very interesting because I had to walk out to get him.  Ollie wouldn't tell me what he said to them.  He's pretty good at keeping secrets.

I'm anxious for the weather to warm up, my horses to lose that extra hair so they look like pretty thoroughbreds again, to start riding again, to try Ollie in his new bridle and bit, and to see the new babies in the nearby fields like this little Invasor baby last April...


Right now all I've got are two super hairy horses - at least I think they're horses.  I've never seen them so hairy!  But it's been amazing to me to see how well that extra hair works for them in the weather.  Amazing protection!  But I digress.  And a guaranteed bright spot in my day is driving by my fave thoroughbred, Invasor, and seeing him in his paddock.  Yesterday when I drove past he was just getting up from a good roll in the mud.  He was acting rather sassy in the process.  I love being able to see him most every day...

Hopefully I'll have something of more substance to blog about.  In the meantime we're trying to survive the mid winter blues...

PS - I think Bernardini KNEW he was going to have a date with Zenyatta when I shot this photo.  I should have known...



  1. These photos have brightened up my day, especially the foal!

    I hope you feel better soon and I can't wait for the warmer weather too. The UK is absolutely freezing. Can't wait to read more blog posts from you!


  2. Sick of winter here too. Looking forward to spring and more riding.

  3. So cool! I just saw Fran Jurga's blog post, I didn't make the connection with your name but that is so awesome. He is one hunky horse. I bet their future baby will be incredible.

  4. cute picture of Bernardini. Still love the video of Invasor!

  5. Great pictures. I especially like the first one.
    I love winter coated horses - they are so cute all shaggy and hairy.
    Hope you're feeling better soon.

  6. We are actually having very VERY nice weather, but I'm stuck inside the office three days a week and am still searching for a suitable dressage saddle. Finding a fitter I can trust is becoming more of a challenge than I had originally thought it would be.

    I gave my TB, "Huey," a haircut last weekend. His bridle path was so long it wasn't standing up anymore (on the bright side, he didn't look like he had three ears anymore) and he has no whiskers, a clean "under head" appearance and no more "Clydesdale" like curly fetlocks ;o)

    Get well soon. Drink LOTS of liquids and wash your hands. Dr. Dancer here (;o)

  7. Oh my gosh, do I love your pictures and descriptions of the gorgeous horses you see every day:) That one of Bernadini is priceless-though I'm afraid the poor boy doesn't know aht he's in for!!

    I hear you on this time of year. I have a bad case of the doldrums myself-some days are better than others. One day at a time...we're on the downside of winter anyway, thank goodness!

  8. Wow! I just found you! New blog to follow! YAY! Lovely images! Just simply stunning!!
    A Barrel Horse Learns to Jump

  9. I absolutely love the Invasor foal picture!

  10. Thanks Brian! Mehthaaf is the dam - she was '94 champion 3 yr old in the UK. That's quite a baby who has a ton of chrome. Can't wait to see him as a yearling this year.