Sunday, January 2, 2011

Still A Weirdo...


Ollie's always been a curious sort of guy.

I was attempting to take a picture of Toby out in the field when Ollie decided to butt sniff me. I turned around from being goosed and got low to the ground to shoot his picture into the sun. The day was so beautiful and this shot came out so nicely! 

Matt gets a good laugh over our feeding routine.  I guess it's those simple things in life...  I lead Toby to his stall and Ollie follows behind and walks himself into his stall.  Toby being the leader must go first.  Ollie isn't quite so good on the way back out because we have to walk through a paddock with irresistable grass in it.  But eventually he goes back to his field with all his equine buddies.  Today, Matt wanted to video tape the routine.  He just thinks its such a crack up and that Ollie is "still a weirdo":


  1. I don't know why, but I love that photo. The song is super catchy too.

    Ozzy brings himself in and out of the barn. He just needs someone to open the gate. He gallops up to the barn, walks into his stall, and waits for me to catch up. He gets distracted by grass on the way back out, but all I have to do is tell him "up up" and he moves along. He's a dope.

  2. Adorable picture, and loved the (supposedly boring) video of The Boys bein' horses! They certainly look like they're enjoying life in the great outdoors. I just used SoundHound to find out what song/singer that is - she's great! - Tracie

  3. awesome photo of Ollie! he sounds like such a character. Loved watching the videos too!

  4. Hahaha I love how mopey he looks after you catch and place him back in the paddock. Toby walks by as if to say "Your so dumb. I told you to follow but Noooooooo..."

  5. I saw that sneak grab of hay! You are caught on camera!!! ;P

  6. Aw, that video made me smile from ear to ear:) What sweet, sweet boys!