Friday, April 24, 2009

A Visit with my Friends

The other day, after my lesson, I went over to my friend's barn to shoot photos of her daughter and her horses going through their lessons with Betsy. I was experimenting with my camera with tough light conditions since it was a rainy, cold and gloomy day outside.

Heather has some cool horses, the gray is her 1/2 Saddlebred, 1/2 Quarter Horse mare; the cremello with the blue eyes is her daughter's horse. He knows a bevy of tricks which we will have to video or photograph. And the third is Heather's very cool looking buckskin Morgan gelding. All the horses are shedding out their winter coats so look a bit scruffy and mottled - they didn't have a warning that I was coming over with camera in hand :O


A day at Heather's.


  1. I think you and your camera did GREAT! You can come take photos of me at a lesson anytime -- not that I've had a lesson in recent history....

  2. Always love your visual documentary's!! Hope you are doing okay!