Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Memories of "The Scentless Bastard"

Eleven years ago, on April 15th, 1998, at a farm outside of Chicago, my dream horse was born...

jag on the run

He was the most beautiful, smartest, fun creature I've ever had the privilege to be around.

He made me laugh often at his quirks. Cribbing and snarling at Toby all the time were just a few of them but the one that always made me laugh out loud the most was his hatred for "The Scentless Bastard." Even while riding in the indoor arena, whenever we came by the wall with the mirrors he would perk up and most times "give the hairy eyeball" to his buddy in the mirror.

In honor of Jag's eleventh birthday and his buddy I made this "for fun" short video:

Thankfully, I have quite a bit of video of my guy along with photos so through time I will most likely be sharing some of our moments together.

Happy Birthday Jag!

I miss you big man...


  1. Happy Birthday Jaguar Hope. Gosh Wendy, he really didn't like that horse in the mirror. Hope you are OK. I know it has been 4 weeks since his passing.

  2. Absolutely Happy Birthday, Jag. Anything is better on April 15 than the other thing we have to take care of every year. Ack.

    Regarding mirrors: My Huey LOVES that horse in the mirror. That horse is HIS FRIEND--his lifelong friend whom he just met.

    He gets VERY "upright" and puffed up when he sees his friend coming into the court, too, and is especially funny if the court has a single mirror at B or E. Just before he passes that single mirror, he seems to "prepare." Gotta always look his best ;o)

    I'm looking forward to seeing more video and pictures of Jag. He was an absolutely beautiful boy.

  3. Happy Birthday Jag! The video is great! Hope you are doing OK. Thanks for sharing his story!

  4. Happy Birthday, you cool guy!! You're in my thoughts today, Wendy.

  5. I have to say he really is the most gorgeous hunk of horseflesh I have ever seen. Apparently he didn't like competition for the "Beauty King" title. I've never seen a horse try to kick and rear at the horse in the mirror!

  6. I think he may have been gelded a little late although he was gelded by the time of his first race at the age of 3. He had quite a few "stallion behaviors" but was a gelding when he was around the girls (absolutely no interest in them). He just liked being the only good looking dude around. ;) He was such a "metro sexual" kinda horse. :O

  7. wendy that was great. i was almost ready to tear up, then jag kicks at the wall and i couldn't stop laughing. i hope you're doing ok. thanks for sharing jag with us.

    happy birthday jag!

  8. Good luck getting Canoodler! I really hope it works out. So sorry to see that Jag recently passed away. Its just so awful when it happens so suddenly.... you just have no idea when you wake up that morning.