Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Strength, Focus and Partnerships


Toby seems to be coming along well and getting much stronger through his back and hind end along the way. He's still trying to get around putting himself into a good frame. He's like a person trying to do everything the easy way and we are telling him "no can do." There "ain't no easy button in riding!" So we continue to march on - quite literally.

The other thing that I'm improving on is maintaining Toby's focus. When his mind wanders, he creates trouble. For example, in one corner of our arena we keep the gator parked. It's always been there and most times is not noticed. But once in a blue moon, Toby will inexplicably think it's a scary horse eating monster. He gets bugged-eyed and shies from that part of the arena. I even think I hear him saying "Run Away! Run Away!"

I'm handling these types of situations much better and from time to time I can see it happening before it does! At those moments, when I redirect his attention back to our work, I feel like a genius. And when I do this, his confidence in me just goes up and up. This may sound silly but being able to read your partner well, makes for a great partnership! And that's what good riding is all about.

So I felt it was time to video tape and see where our progress stood. Here is Toby working to Moby:


  1. WOW! He looks like a different horse! Way to go you two! Wendy, I can't believe the progress you both are making! You guys are looking good! I will have to compliment him tonight!

  2. Very cool to see the difference in you both in just a few months!