Thursday, November 4, 2010

Still Making His Mark

Those were the words in the Subject line of an email I received this morning from my friend Ali Bannister who I commissioned to paint Jaguar Hope. You may remember I wrote about it in this post.

Ali was discovered by a staff person for the upcoming movie "War Horse" through this particular pastel of Jaguar Hope.

War Horse is a Walt Disney movie with Steven Spielberg as the producer. Ali's official title was "Equine Artistic Advisor" and she will be in the credits. I'm certain it was a life changing experience for her!

Here is a video clip of the making of the movie over in England.

Ali kept me posted every now and again about the movie and in ways that Jag seemed to keep showing up.

This is her update email I received this morning...

So Wendy, we had the official wrap party for War Horse last week in London's uber trendy nightclub Cafe de Paris for over 700 cats and crew.
'War Horse' branded canvas goody bags were handed out that contained a leather satchel, a War Horse t-shirt and a War Horse cap.

I hadn't been involved in the design of any of the above so imagine my surprise and delight when I saw the cap!!

I will do my very best to get hold of one for you if I can.

I hope all's well with you. The wedding looked amazing :0)

Take care,
Ali xxx

I feel like Jaguar Hope had his hoof in the making of this movie. I can't wait for it to come out in August December!!


  1. Thanks Wendy, but I have to break the bad news to you that they've pushed the release date back to December 2011 now so we'll have to wait that bit longer before we can see it. Soo frustrating!

    Jag played his part though and his picture was seen and appreciated by more than one Oscar winner :0)


  2. Oh my gosh... I am speechless. I read the book "War Horse," wish I could see the play, and am anxiously awaiting the movie. I had NO idea your boy had anything to do with it! That's just incredible! If you haven't read the book (it's actually JF), you need to; but have a box of Kleenex handy first. - Tracie

  3. That's wonderful! I can't wait to see the movie too.

  4. i'm too excited for this movie, my horse was lucky enough to play in a movie due to be released next year, and i know how exciting it is! obviously it's not as awesome as being involved with a spielberg & disney movie!
    really excited for next year, to see it :)