Sunday, November 21, 2010

Herd Mentality

Toby and Ollie were introduced to the big pasture (over 50 acres) and the other 5 horses at their farm. The plan was to bring all the horses in, turn Toby and Ollie out in the big field alone so they could explore, then one at a time turn the other horses back out into the big field. Below are photos of the events and the day ending with Matt shooting photos of the barn with the full moon on the clear evening and me making sure the damage wasn't too bad - it wasn't at all... Enjoy the photos! And yes - Toby and Ollie did gallop the ENTIRE perimeter of the field - that had to be at least a mile long gallop with rolling hills! Toby was exhausted.


  1. Just think how gorgeous that will be when it isn't winter and the grass is blue ... er, I mean GREEN ;o)

    Lucky boys and well behaved, too. Surprised that Ollie, the worrier, would be the one to do a little "talkin' with the back feet," but if there was no damage, I guess he "postures" pretty good. Says what he has to say with minimal effort and damage. Carrying a big stick and all that.

    Beautiful pix by Matt, too.

  2. Ollie is very quick with his hind end. He clocked the "leader" in the field and about an hour later Ollie got his clock cleaned right back. Nobody was hurt thankfully! And everyone knows their place now. Phew!

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  4. Ahh...why did it delete?

    I was just saying that I LOVE these pictures! I think that there is something magical about horses being horses.

    I also loved your comment on my blog. The painting of your late horse is absolutely breath taking. It brought me to tears.

  5. Thanks and we love to read about you and Gen! We have a thing for grays over here... ;)