Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I've Never Been So Stressed

Bottom line - I have too much on my plate right now...

My biggest stressful issues are coming from my personal life. Trying to get my life put together with my husbands in our first 7 weeks of marriage is NOT easy. But we'll make it and things will smooth out. In the meantime, I've been having the occasional meltdowns and emotional roller coaster rides.

My friend that was to bring my horses had so many problems with her equipment that when my horses decided they were not going to go with her, it really was for the best. I was SO disappointed but I headed from Northern Michigan down to Central Kentucky with a truck loaded up with all my horses belongings and a bunch of things from my home. I had an overly loaded rig. While driving my mind was going a mile a minute trying to come up with a plan B that I could afford. C and W Horse Transport came to my rescue! As it turned out, they were already up in Traverse City to pick up horses to go to Florida. Their truck had room!

Then they were to transfer to a different truck in Lansing, MI which was making their weekly Kentucky run.

I got the dreaded call that my horses were not loading and if I had any ideas. I was shattered. I know that my problem child for trailering is Toby but this time it was Ollie! Not only was I shattered but I was shocked! Evidently he did not approve of the ramp onto the truck. Just when you think you know you know your horses...

The shipper and barn owner continued to try while I called my vet to talk to her about tranquilizing them. While I was on the phone with my vet, both Toby and Ollie had a change of heart and loaded right on. What knuckleheads! I'm so happy they didn't need to be tranq'd!

This morning I sit with my phone very close at hand waiting to hear they are once again on their way. My stomach is a mess with worry.

In the meantime, to add to my stress (or maybe to act as a diversion to my stress), Matt and I were adopted by a large black lab mix puppy. He wandered over to Matt's brother's house out in the central Kentucky woods. After 5 days nobody responded to the posted notes or called animal control/ humane society about the big lovable lug. So he lives with us now and the only command he seems to know (and only if you have a treat) is "sit." We named him Amos.

Photos of Amos and my boys arrival (knock on wood) are to come...


  1. Okay, here comes the "older sister with authority" speech: You are in the midst of some of the largest stressers in a person's life: Marriage, Move (with REALLY BIG CHILDREN that do not always understand the concept of "get in, sit down and shut up" when it comes to following someone else's schedule) AND a Change of Job/Lifestyle. It is natural that you are feeling overwhelmed.

    The key to getting through this is to be sure to eat right, drink plenty of water, and get adequate rest.

    I know, I know. Sounds like a Rx for getting over the flu (;o) But it's true. If you aren't eating right, that will make you even more tired, which goes directly to "irritable and out of sorts."

    In another few weeks, all this will be over ... and your family will be together (and all in one piece ;o)

    And "sit" for a treat is a good start ;o)

    Fingers crossed all continues to go well. I don't envy you, but I HAVE done all this (except the marriage part) at the same time, so I know the feeling. I think moving is the WORST, personally.

  2. TBDancer - Thanks for your speech! You're exactly right about taking care of my basic necessities. It gives me the clear head I need to deal with stress from "nobody returning my phone calls, horses being a problem loading, etc."

    I can't wait to be done with this!

  3. Sorry to hear about all the stress! Praying your boys arrive safe and sound and things get easier for you! I agree with what TBDancer said. That really is the best way to cope and keep YOURSELF sane when under that much stress. :)

  4. Just take a deep breath and remember the First Rule: Don't panic! As TB pointed out, your life has been put in a blender set on "Puree'" and, with so much change, you're certainly going to get stressed. Eventually, things will settle down, so you just need to put your head down and get through this.

    As for the boys not wanting to load -- I can't say I blame them! Lol. When Salem was picked up by one of those semi-trailers, I was absolutely shocked that he hopped right up without a blink of the eye. The ramp was steep and SCARY! I think all of the clicker training I did with him, and making him walk across tarps, ditches, etc., is the reason that he followed me, BUT I would not have been at all surprised if he hadn't. A giant, shiny, rumbling horse-eating monster with a steep ramp is quite stress-inducing for ponies!
    Good luck with everything. :-) I'm sure, once you've got everything moved & your boys settled in their new home, you'll be just fine.