Friday, May 7, 2010

Stories from The Second Race

I don't have too much to write about these days. My job is keeping me busy which is a good thing!

I have gone out to clean up the boys and do some odds and ends such as filling supplement packets. However I haven't ridden since I returned. I had lent out my saddle to a friend while I was away and I just got it back last night after I saw the guys. I anticipate riding this weekend.

That is, assuming my foot is ok. Ollie had a troubled moment in the cross ties when a dog came zipping by. The dog startled him and he jumped into my lap for protection. His front left hoof came crashing down on my right foot. SPLAT! I bravely walked it off. Ollie knew he messed up and had immediately jumped off me and gave me that "I didn't mean to step on you!" look. I went to one of those clinics to have it x-rayed. Thankfully, no broken bones but it's purple and swollen beyond recognition. I'm hopeful that the swelling will go down and I'll be back at it over the weekend. I did decide that it was in my best interest to steer clear of horses hooves for a day. And for the record, I had my boots on. I guess I should be thankful for that!

In the meantime, a fellow blogger and friend has been posting great stories submitted by her readers. One of the stories is by a friend of mine, Julie. I met Julie, who rescued Brego a few years ago. She also owns a BEAUTIFUL Friesan...

The obviously have a connection

and the other story is quite nice too. I thought I'd direct you to my friend's blog while I recuperate and eventually get back into action



  1. Thanks for that wonderful story -- and the beautiful Friesian photo! Last night I got to ride my boy for ten minutes at the walk; hopefully we're back on track to soundness and condition!

  2. Oh, OW! Wendy, I feel your pain! I've had my feet stepped on numerous times and it never fails to give me that whoopsy feeling in my stomach. Never broken anything, but sure bruised the daylights out of 'em, every time. Ever tried arnica gel? Great for "drawing out the bruise." Ask for it at a health food store.

    Thanks for the neat picture of your friend and her Friesian, and get well soon. Nothing like a little "down time" to get housework done ;o)

    I'll be riding tomorrow for the first time since my shoulder surgery. Looking forward to riding JUST enough that I get my "fix," but not so long that I can't walk or sit down the next day ;o)

    Take care, Wendy. Walk softly ;o)