Wednesday, May 5, 2010

My Perfect Medicine

I'm very busy playing catch up with everything in my life. I never feel caught up. I'm sure everyone feels that way but I can't shake that feeling! Between my work, selling my home, planning a wedding (which I haven't done much), working on my photography and helping out Matt with EquiSport Photos, and making the time to be with Matt, still maintaining my home in northern Michigan so that it shows nicely while planning a move is extremely overwhelming.

I actually have anxiety issues once in awhile.

But all it takes is just a few minutes, in this case my lunch hour, with my horses to make me feel better...

Regal Toby with his indented left eye:


Toby is always so serious and always annoyed with everyone else:


Then there is my class clown Ollie:


He just lives for being dirty


I'm so fortunate to have them both in my life and to see them happy and healthy


They're the perfect medicine for when I'm feeling overwhelmed...


  1. I have a grey too, I think their life's mission is to get dirty... and stay that way.

    Good luck getting through everything. Try to enjoy the moment.

  2. What IS there about "kids" dressed in "white"??? They just LOVE to play in the dirt! I have a chestnut with chrome, and he enjoys wiping his green mouth all over the front legs and, on occasion, he has to scratch his back leg (by using his mouth). Talk about the gift that keeps on giving ;o)

    You DO need to take a deep breath now and then with all that you have on your plate. Take one day at a time, one project at a time, and don't "take the long view" very often. You will be WAY more than "overwhelmed." Baby steps, one day at a time, etc.

    We KNOW you can do it!! And we will be checking your blog, reading your posts and cheering you on!

  3. beautiful babes! Glad they make you feel better when you need it..I know my boy does that for me too. :)