Tuesday, May 25, 2010

New Feed New Horse

We were practically doing high 5's after his lesson today. After one week of being on Tribute's Kalm and EZ feed, Ollie had done a 180 degree change in his behavior. No longer was he fussy when you got him to the mounting block, no longer was his back end trying to pass the front end at the trot, no longer did you have to worry about applying leg pressure to him.

We've concluded that he had a sore/sour stomach last week and probably in previous lessons. It seems this new feed is much more palatable for him. His poops are even better - good shape and not as wet. He's even gained a few pounds in the past week!

Betsy and I were both so excited! We did ride him in the treeless saddle so he couldn't complain about my other saddle. The result was that this was THE BEST riding session we've ever had with him. Right from the start he didn't fuss and he marched around listening intently to Betsy. When Betsy was done working him, he even stood still and she had to apply leg to make him walk for his cool out. We couldn't believe it!

We really like this horse! ;)

I love the reflection in the mirror with this shot:


and he was just so happy-go-lucky in his attitude:


and in this shot, I just liked how his tail looked with the back lighting. I shouldn't say it but he was trotting and pooping at the same time which explains his high back and tail... :0


I'm such a nut about my guy. LOVE HIM!


  1. Glad to hear the new feed is working so well, and glad too that you're using the treeless saddle. I am in the market for a saddle, too, and am not riding because why bother when it just makes things worse--or doesn't help them improve.

    Gorgeous pictures!

  2. My new saddle will have a tree. I sure hope that he will like it since it's specifically fitted for him. I have to say, that riding in the treeless saddle is NOT comfortable for the rider. I felt like I was getting a wedgie the whole time I rode him in it. But that was in this particular treeless saddle. I'm not certain what another brand would feel like.

    I'm just elated over his attitude which I think has everything to do with his new feed. :)

  3. I have a friend who owns Fjords. She LOVES her Ansurs (has two different models, one for each Fjord). Different strokes for different folks, however. She is still learning dressage and is taking things slowly with her newer horse. A trainer I know uses whatever fits the horse she is riding, and I will say having scribed for some of her rides at shows, she does better in a saddle with a tree. BUT ... that's just me.

    I agree with you, though. NOTHING makes you feel like a million bucks than having a horse who feels the same ;o)

  4. I have read that treeless saddles are best for horses with little to no withers. Neither of my guys fit that description at all! But we shall see how we do when the new saddle comes along. I'm just impatient about getting it. :O