Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Why Does He Do That?

It's a rhetorical question.

Over the weekend I went out to the barn in search of photo subjects to practice shooting with a much more complicated camera than my own. I found a very willing subject in Sadie, an english springer spaniel who has great enjoyment over catching snowballs.

She really put on a good show.

While I was out there I noticed that my overly friendly boy cut his leg while rolling.

I cleaned it up a bit and poofed it with "wonderdust" to help stop the bleeding. I'm thinking we are good...

But no! Monday it was a little swollen and by Tuesday it was icky. I've been cleaning it out and tending to him. On Tuesday morning, I gave him a warm water epsom salt pack to draw out the infection. He's walking fine on it and oddly there is no heat but he's super sensitive to the touch. I decided that movement would be helpful and had Betsy ride him. She only walked him and worked on his balance and bringing up his right shoulder when going to the right. He wasn't a very quick study this time.

Towards the end of the ride I noticed that his leg was draining like a river. Clear sticky stuff. In my mind, I'm thinking this is good. The epsom salts drew it out and the movement pushed it out. I cleaned it out again after the ride with wound wash, another warm water epsom salt pack and closed it up with wonderdust. I went back in the evening and he looked much better!

If I could only get him to stop doing this kind of stuff,

he wouldn't get kicked around so often!

Now for a question to you guys and slightly off topic - how does one go about looking for a trainer in a new area? I could use your ideas.


  1. I am assuming you want a dressage trainer, so check with the local or state dressage association. If their Web site is like the one for California, there are trainers listed (these trainers pay to advertise on the site), but you should have several in your area to check out.

    Also, go to area barns and ask around. I found the first nincompoop I took lessons from on the AOL message board. I met her through her "biggest fan" (literally and figuratively) was a poster on the board, and it did not turn out to be a good experience. I did not know anything about dressage or trainers, so the mistake was mine. You won't have that issue because you are already working with a very effective trainer and will know what works for you and what does not.

  2. I've got a clumsy boy too, who is always managing to scrape himself up. Fortunately he's a bay, so he doesn't look as beat up as your poor gray boy does since the blood blends in better! :)

    Just a thought - it might not be a bad idea to try something other than Wonderdust for treating the wound. Since Ace is always getting scraped up, I've done tons of research on different products for treating wounds. Wonderdust is actually for getting rid of proudflesh - rather than aiding a cut to heal it's a caustic that eats away at the flesh and can actually prevent healing. I'm a big fan of Furazone ointment, or Fur-all spray for keeping the dirt out. After more practice than I'd like, I've learned that the best thing to do is flush it regularly with water to keep it clean and leave it alone. For what it's worth from someone who is a little too well practiced in this sort of thing...

    Hope he heals up soon!

  3. Oh, and some of the best advice I've heard for finding a trainer is to go to some local shows and scope them out. See whose students are successful, and watch the trainers as they work with students in the warm ups, ride horses, etc. It's a great way to get a feel for what they are like and what to expect - and who you might like to work with.

  4. Oh! The blood looks so dramatic since he's grey. Good job for not freaking out.

    As for the new trainer thing, I'd try posting a query on the Chronicle of the Horse forums. There's a lot of people there who can hopefully point you in the right direction.

    But of course, you'll need to scope them out yourself, and going to shows is excellent advice.

  5. I agree with Jackie on both the best treatment for cuts (flushing with a firm spray of water twice a day and furazone if necessary; it's what my equine vet husband recommends as well) and a good way to look for a trainer. Although I don't necessarily look for who is successful and watch the trainers; I look for those whose riding and whose horses' way of good is harmonious and effective, and ask them who they work with (their trainers may or may not be there). If you get the same answer from more than one rider, that answer is definitely someone to try!

  6. "horse's way of GOING".... sheesh

  7. Hhhhmmm, well I certainly agree that sterile saline solution is the best wound wash...but, I will have to make a break and say that I am not a fan of Furazone. It's a known carcinogen, plus I was advised by a vet not to use it (sorry, I forget why). I like plain antibiotic ointment. I've also heard good things about the silver-infused creams (it's a natural antiseptic, I believe), but have never tried them myself.

    As for the trainer, I agree that going to a show would be your best bet. You could also ask around at local feed stores.

  8. Oh, and I have also used a product called Drema-Gel with great results, as well. It keeps the wound moist, provides a protective barrier, and contains natural herbal ingredients.
    I've heard a lot of good things about Animax ointment, but you have to get it from a vet.

  9. Another good product is Trainer's Formula. I use it on the dogs, too, and if they lick it off, it doesn't harm them. All natural stuff. Puncture wounds, which is what this looks like to me, are stinkers to treat, and letting it drain and keeping it clean are paramount.

  10. Thanks everyone for the good comments and suggestions. 1) Hola's wound is doing much better. Very little swelling, still a bit tender to the touch but otherwise he's good. Good ole soap and water and some sterile saline wound wash. It's draining well and healing. I'm also using a wound care product from farnum with aloe, vitamins A, D and E in it to keep it soft and protected from dirt. It just doesn't look pretty as it scabs up... Needless to say, this sort of thing happens often with him and it doesn't get me overly concerned. He will live another day! :)

    2) GREAT IDEAS for finding a new trainer - Yes I'm looking for someone in dressage. I'm sure it will take me awhile to find someone... in the meantime I have Betsy and can leave him in full training with Betsy until we are settled in Kentucky.

  11. Now that you've got some leads on the most IMPORTANT things, how are plans for the wedding coming along.


  12. Wendy
    Not that you asked..but I use this on my boy's cuts (he's a roller/cutter/klutz) worth its weight in gold-
    and Nolvasan cream and wash helps too! Poor grays show much more which actually could be helpful in catching it quicker!
    Can't wait to hear more about the wedding not spare! :)