Friday, January 29, 2010

On The Mend

Just a quick post to say that Mr. Hola/Ollie is recovering well.

We are having an arctic blast the past few days so all the horses have been kept indoors (yesterday had -20 f windchills). Thankfully our barn is heated around the 40 degree mark. So I let Toby and Ollie out for a romp in the indoor arena naked so they could have a good roll and work on their itchies from wearing a blanket.

The photos are not the best quality due to the poor lighting in an indoor arena but it's enough where you can see Ollie put on quite a show...

with his typical rear:

Hola C Bright 1/28/10


Hola C Bright 1/28/10

and running around farting:

Hola C Bright 1/28/10

Hola C Bright 1/28/10

Toby kept egging him on by biting and kicking at him in play-not that Ollie didn't deserve it by going after his halter or sniffing his behind. Those two LOVE to rough house.

I'm simply pleased to have two wonderful, happy, healthy boys!


  1. What great pictures!!! I am so impressed with how well the turned out in an indoor! And who doesn't love to watch a horse playing!

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  3. Ollie is so expressive... I hope you can channel that under saddle without the rearing, perhaps.

  4. That's EXACTLY the word for Ollie! EXPRESSIVE! I'm happy to report (knock on wood) that he has never attempted a buck or a rear under saddle. He seems to only have "try" when he's under tack. I LOVE THAT about him!

  5. Wow, Ollie totally impresses me with his natural ability! What an athlete he is! :)
    Your 'worst' pictures is what I strive for in my best pictures! LOL! :)