Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Back to Dressage!

ok - back to blogging about my and my OTTB's simple efforts at dressage...

Let's start with the 20 yr old former racer turned hunter/jumper and our lesson. Toby was feeling darn good about himself. The minute I got on he started to crow hop around the indoor arena. He wanted to roll and let loose. Betsy hadn't arrived so I got off him, untacked him and let him rip. He immediately rolled then got up to buck and fart his way around the arena. Once he got that out of his system, I tacked him back up and began my lesson with Betsy. Needless to say he had some energy but was very tense and really never relaxed.

We are continuing to work on getting him into and keeping him in a good frame. I can get him into a nice frame much quicker but keeping him there seems to be the challenge. He tries every trick in the book such as pulling, inching slowly upwards with his head and neck, etc. I'm trying very hard to maintain his limits and keep him round.

If you need a short nap, I highly recommend this rather boring video of our work:

While the video may be boring, I think it's fun. I love riding and learning. I know I'm not the best out there but I have the time of my life doing it. Isn't that what riding is really all about?

Now let's talk about Ollie and his leg. I had left thinking his infection was under control. Well, this is what I came back to...

Lots of proud flesh sprouting and super ugly. I called my vet, Tanja Molby, for her help. I emailed her the above picture and she immediately put Hola on antibiotics and she outlined a cleaning regime for the wound. By this morning it had shrunk down to 1/2 the size it was. Tanja rules in my book! For many reasons including some outside of her medical practice! One main reason is for her stance against horse slaughter and that she petitioned her own organization to change their stance on it. She also rocks for taking a stand against people who misuse her services and advice to take advantage of people's good will on the internet (perhaps this gal will straighten up her act now).

So Hola will get better quickly now that he's on his antibiotics, which I managed to get for free thanks to the generosity of Meijer's!

I call Hola, Ollie most of the time so that's why the meds say Ollie on it. I had to sign for it since the meds were going to a minor. ;) I showed the women at the pharmacy counter some pictures of my gray man. They were duly impressed and had a better understanding why he receives 13 tablets twice a day.

I'm grateful to Meijer's for their generosity and fantastic program for free antibiotics for people's pets. It's cool that horses are included in the program! Just goes to show you that horses are thought of as companion animals too...


  1. Who are the Meijer's and how do you get free antibiotics? Hope Ollie's leg heals quickly!!!

  2. Hey, I just came across your blog and what wonderful pictures you have!! Also nice to see horses trained for careers after their life on the track. Also, I did not get bored nor take a nap through your video haha. Keep up the good work

  3. Denali, Meijer's is a walmart type store. They give free antibiotics to humans and their 4-legged companions when their doctors call the prescription in. It's a fantastic program!

  4. Thanks Sidetracked! Sometimes I get a little off the subject when it comes to photography. You may say I get "sidetracked". I'm planning on shooting some of the olympic snowboarding teams that are practicing at a facility nearby... of course that will have NOTHING to do with the retraining of my boys. :)

  5. Love your trainers tips! :) You and Toby look great! Will u keep up your blog as u move? As a fellow Michigander I'll be sad to see you move out..I liked reading about the local things. Also-did not know about Meijer's free pet anti's...Such a good tip! :)

  6. I will keep blogging and I'm guessing that I'll be blogging about finding a place and new trainer. As well as some of my other activities... My horses will move sometime after I move.

  7. The key is having a veterinarian willing to call in the Rx. My equine vet claims that giving out Rxes puts his reputation on the line because some of his clients are too dumb to know better and if they overdose, they will blame him.

    I guess he has a point, but he also doesn't give much of a discount on much. The ranch call is now $85, from what I understand unless it's not "your day"--the clinic serves a very large area, so there is a certain day assigned to each community--or it's an emergency. Then it's much more.

    Anyway, go Meijer!!

  8. Hi, I have to agree with sidetracked, you take excellent photos!

    About Ollie's wound- have you tried equaide? I have a mare who got a nasty wound on her leg trying to jump a wire fence. Equaide kept the proudflesh away.